From the Hawk's Nest

Issue 7 | October 16, 2020

This update is full of information. Please read fully.

We have hit our first landmark for the school year, MEA weekend and the full entrance of Fall. However, it seems like we may skip to Winter very quickly.With the changing weather, please ensure your students are dressed properly for the weather.

As always, thank you for sharing your students with us, in person and virtually. We appreciate all your efforts and serving as partners in helping meet the needs of your students. Again, thank you for engaging in our remote opportunities and treating us, each other, with kindness and patience. We are working hard to keep our Hawthorne community intact, strong minds-gentle hearts.




K and 3= Library and Counseling

1 and 4 = Music

2 and 5= PE

Schedule for October 19th - 23rd, 2020

October 19th- A day

October 20th-A day

October 21- Remote learning- "C" day

October 22nd- B day

October 23rd- B day

Schedule for October 26th-30th, 2020

October 26th- A day

October 27th-A day- Picture Retake and A-day Halloween parade @ 9 and classroom celebrations

October 28th- Remote learning- "C" day - DLI Halloween (more info to come)

October 29th- B day

October 30th- B day- Picture Retake and B-day Halloween parade @ 9 and classroom celebrations

Photo Retakes - DLI from 8-8:30 on the 27th and 30th

Speaking of photos

Please share with me or your teacher photos of your student(s) learning at home. We would love to highlight the great things going on in our educational community- inside and outside of Hawthorne. I will start adding them to the weekly e-newsletters.

A note from our school nurse-

Dear Hawthorne Family,

As cases continue to rise, please keep the below information in mind. The following website is available to track COVID in our schools:

COVID-19 Cases in our Schools | Helena Public Schools

Parents can assist staff in keeping students and staff healthy by taking the following measures:

  1. Please keep students with any symptoms of illness home. If you have a question about whether your student should come to school, or what is the correct protocol, please call the school nurse, Shannon at: 406-422-7013.
  2. Contact Ms. Alberts or Shannon 406-422-7013, if your student is tested for COVID-19 and keep them home until the results come back negative. By the governor's protocol, we need documentation that your student's test result is negative. You may fax the documentation to 406-324-1371 or scan and email to
  3. Contact Ms. Alberts or Shannon if your student tests positive or is diagnosed with COVID-19

Please do not hesitate to call me for questions or concerns.

Thank you,


Shannon McNamee BSN,RN,AE-C,NCSN

School Nurse

Capital High School
Hawthorne Elementary

Helena School District Calendar

Please check here for updates with our District Calendar.

Good news from our Food Service

There is some amazing news from our food service department! If you look at the newsletter you will see that we are officially approved to continue the free program the rest of the school year!

We also now have our Facebook page up and going, for those that prefer to use that method to receive their information. .

Please be sure to take the survey for winter break. We are trying to figure out if there is a need for meals over the two-week break.

Here are the links this week:

DLMD Week 10/21-10/27

DLMD Cancellation Link

DLMD Standing order link

Winter Break Survey

Free Meals through June 31st, 2021

School Shout Out Flier- see below ways we can celebrate our schools, students and educators.

DLI specialist bags

DLI bags are still available in the office. Please stop by to gather the donated materials, used to supplement Music and P.E. activities.

Thank you


Halloween is such a magical time for our littles... and our bigs who are still young-at-heart. It will not be the same as in years’past, but we still plan to let our students have their fun! On October 27th,our A-Cohort students, and on October 30th our B-Cohort students will celebrate Halloween! (DLI students will have their own DLI opportunity which is forthcoming.)

In order to adhere with the safety regulations necessary in this C-19 environment, students will need to comply with costume requirements. Students will be invited come to school in their Halloween outfit for a morning parade- parades will begin at 9:00 AM on the 27th and 30th and we will walk on the sidewalk around the building (weather permitting). Any observers are welcome to watch from their cars or the opposite side of the street. Please remember- masked and socially distanced. Costumes should have their regular clothing to change into for the remainder of the day. Students will not be able to wear any face paint or Halloween masks, or hats/headgear. They still need to manage and wear their C-19 mask independently. (no masks over masks). As always, costumes should be appropriately themed for an elementary school environment. Please look for communication from your student's teacher about the classroom celebration. Any goodies brought to share should be individually commercially wrapped treats for each child. Again, your child’s teacher will be sending home more details.

A large thank-you to our Parent Council and Ms. Theissen for finding a way to provide our students with a fun Halloween art activity.

Community Fliers and Announcements