Norwegian Immigrants

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What people brang to the U.S. and why they came.

Many people had brought traditions with them like farming and growing many things like crops and corn. Also many kids or children came from many Norwegian family's that were some farm family's. The reason why people had came to america is to avoid many things. Many other people in Norway left their homes to go to different area's. They would move to many area's in the eastern and the western area.

Norwegian traditions

Norway has many types of traditions they do like some dances and other many things.In Norway they have dances they do. They would also do wood carvings and many other things also they would do crafting. Also in Norway people make some pancakes with stuff but not by batter they might use it but they make it in their country. Also they would make something called lefse and people make it in america because my grandma use to make some and it was so good. Many people like my grandma would make it by using a pan and flipping the shell or some sort of shell like a taco shell. Then you use some sort of things like sugar and maybe some butter and maybe some cinnamon and then you just rap it up like a taco then you eat up.

Norwegian Immigrants and what they did and how,and stuff they have.

Norwegian flag

The flag is very important to the country and people because it mean's something that everyone could know. many people might have today are following the rights with the flag. Many people have a free country and always say a pledge for the flag to follow the rights. The colors dark red,white, and dark blue are colors of the flag in Norway. The dark blue and the white mean's it is a cross. Also it mean's that it is a cross of Sweden with the dark red background behind the cross of Sweden.