A Christmas Carol

By: Abdullahi Hashi

Graphic Novel Review

In the graphic novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, it has descriptive graphics that make the images clear like you are watching a HD TV. First, the image that stood out to me was Marley's ghost. It looked like it was real and use neat colors. Also, the graphic novel is that if you don't like read a lot, graphic novels don't use lots of word like the book. Lastly, you would like how they represent each character like Marley, Christmas past, present and future. Like he was good in the past they made past look good. Plus present they made him look normal because he wasn't so bad. Future looked evil because of how evil he was in the future. In conclusion, if you like books that have descriptive pictures and books were characters learn their lesson. This would be the right book for you!!

Sacrifices that were made


In the graphic novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, the sacrifices that Scrooge made is all the things he use to do he gave it up so he could be a better person. For example, I was playing basketball. My friend came to me and asked be to play soccer. So I went and played with him and now my favorite sport is soccer.