Maycomb Daily

Dec. 1, 1933

Up In Flames

Last night there was the unfortunate event of a house fire. Mrs. Maudie's house caught flame at 1am. The cause was a she accidentally left the stove on. Neighbours were able to salvage major pieces of furniture before the house was consumed by flames. Many were awakened by the event and came out to help or watch the events unfold. Three fire trucks were able to finally put out the flames. But with the snow and cold one of the trucks had to be pushed all the way to the house because it wasn't working. The house was unable to be saved.

When asked how she felt about the loss of her house Mrs. Maudie answered saying, "It's no big deal. I hated that house anyway and always wanted to build a new, smaller one with a big garden." Mrs. Maudie is currently staying with Mrs. Crawford.

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Boo Radley Still in maycomb?

According to witness' Boo Radley made an appearance at yesterday fire. It is reported that the blanket placed around Scout Finch that night was from him. Also, in a recent confession from Jem Finch, Boo has been helping out more than we know. He mended Jem's ripped pants and returned them. He also filled the knot hole in a tree that was being used to put small trinkets in for the Finch children to find. We don't know his current whereabouts.

An Amazing Shot

Atticus Finch, who's profession as a lawyer doesn't involve many gun surprised many today. When a rabid dog suddenly ended up in the street the Finches lived on. When the sheriff shows up to help, he offers the rifle to Atticus. Surprisingly, he takes it and on the first shot hits the dog at a distance. Mrs. Maudie reviles, "As a young man he was the best shot in the county, earning the nickname 'One Shot Finch.'"

Mr. Radley's Tree Fix

Have a knot hole in a tree that you want filled?

Contact Nathan Radley to fix that!