Falcon Focus

September 8, 2015

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Week two is in the books!

Kids are beginning to settle into routines and procedures. Our school has been full of smiles and learning since day one and all that is due to your hard work and commitment. Our continued success will be because of your dedication to stay strong so that each child will succeed.

It can be overwhelming at times but committing to continued improvement, learning every day, and trying new things are what our students deserve. They are the luckiest group around to have you all as their teachers. You are not satisfied with status quo, how it has always been done, or old school ways. You are persevering and preparing our children for the positive and bright future they deserve by challenging ourselves and being the best we can be every single day!

Thanks so much for putting in the extra effort and the extra hours to make this year a success!!!

Laura :-)

You've Got Heart and Thank you

Thanks to the Stuco Advisors for the their extra effort and work to help our students have additional opportunities to be engaged in school. We appreciate Angelina, Jennifer Lowry, Jennifer Love, and Farah for thier time and committment!!!!

You guys are doing a great job of hitting that 10:00 attendance data input. I know it is not convenient, but you all are rising to the occasion!!! Thank you!

Lesson Plans

Thanks for keeping your lesson plans updated. Keep in mind, Lesson Plans need to be uploaded into Forethought by 7:30 a.m. the first day of the week. You may complete your lesson plans in Forethought or attach a word document with your plans to Forethought. We will share more information about aligning our lesson planning to T-TESS Dimension 1 during your goal setting meetings and with the team leaders on Thursday.


Calendar of Events

Everything is posted on the Collaboration Site, please check it weekly. Some highlights are below.

September 4th: T-TESS goal setting was due in Eduphoria Appraise - please double check that you have completed the following:

  • Identify data and processes used to assess students....
  • Identify the data and processes used/or will use to assess your professional growth...
  • Then be sure to identify and create your plan to accomplish your two goals.

September 8th: Faculty Meeting 3:30 - Have Chapter 11 of your Positive Discipline book read.

September 10th: Team Leader Meeting 3:30

September 11th: Flag Day

September 11th: Assessment plan for the six weeks due

September 11th: Load your grades at the end of the day like you normally would for Progress Reports. Progress Reports will not be shown in HAC, but the district will check to make sure that the system is working correctly in preparation for the six weeks Report Cards. Thanks for your help!

Parent Conference Window: September 21st – Oct. 9th Be sure to document all conferences in Aware.

In the future, but needs to be on your radar: November 5th Open House

September Character Focus "Responsibility"

You are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel.

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Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • September 8th - Faculty Meeting - Have Chapter 8 of your Positive Discipline book read. Here is the Working Agenda - Please Bring: your PLC journal, Positive Discipline Book, and Laptop/ipad.

  • September 15th - PLC Meetings during your co-curr we will meet in the "Think Tank"

  • September 18th - Kelly Leach Visit

  • September 22nd - Faculty Meeting

  • October 1st - Kelly Leach Coaching Visit

  • October 6th - Faculty Meeting

  • October 8th - Kelly Leach visit - Meet in the "Think Tank"

Assessment Plan and Daily Lesson Plan Support

This slide show describes over 50 "on the spot assessments" you can integrate into your daily lesson planning to make sure students are mastering the standards. (the slide show calls them formative assessments - which they are - however we are using "on the spot assessments" to describe these quick checks where grades are not typically taken.)

Enjoy! 54 On the Spot Assessments

How's it Going? Survey

In an effort to build community, celebrate, and provide support we will have a short four question "How's it Going?" Survey once or twice a month. Please take a second to complete the survey so that we can make sure that your questions are answered and we can tap into the celebrations across the campus. None of the questions are required, but we would love to hear from you. The ultimate goal is that we are serving students to the very best of our ability while celebrating our successes and building our positive community of learners.


How's it Going Survey


As we work to build our Learning Network in lots of different ways, don't forget Twitter! It is such a joy to review Twitter each evening - especially our #feslearns feed and see all the great things going on in your classes. Keep it up!!! It is great stuff as we learn from one another and continue to celebrate our learning culture!