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June 2022 Newsletter

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I am currently sitting in my office, pondering out what I can say for our June newsletter. I am both happy that we are finishing this highly successful year as well as sad that I will be missing our students over the next few months. I am sure that our students and families are looking forward to a fun and enjoyable summer!

I would like to comment on the positive progress that our students are making with reading. Much of our concentrated efforts have been on helping our students read at a higher level. We saw huge improvements in our students’ reading ability. We look forward to further instruction in reading and even bettering our results for next year.

We have seen that our overall attendance has dropped over the past number of months. We are finding that students are not well or who are showing “big emotions” around not wanting to attend. We really want to work together with families and do what we can to support our students in getting to school. We want to encourage parents to check with your family doctor, should your child feel sick for periods of time. We want to make sure that we support our students and families as well as ensure that are students are getting the positive education that is needed.

Finally, I would like to celebrate the parent involvement that we have experienced over the year. Research shows that when family is involved in your child’s education, the child will do better in school. I would encourage all parents to become involved in your child’s education by participating in school activities, learn about educational changes, ask questions of your child and of the school, and read and do math activities with your child.

Transition time is here - I am excited to meet our new grade 3 students from Central Park, along with their parents. We plan to have a short tour and explain many of the things that make Wagner special. It will be great to have so many smiling faces and students excited to join our Wagner School community family.

I am sad to say that this is the end of year newsletter. It has been a great school year in many aspects. With all this positives, you may be wondering why am I sad? We are moving our grade 6 students to L. P. Miller. I will miss their personalities, sense of humour, and our interactions. It is exciting that they will be moving on. I will also miss the daily interactions with all of our students. I will miss the daily stories, jokes, and opportunities to laugh and console each of them.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable end of June and a great and wonderful summer holiday. I look forward to seeing each of you in the fall.

Mr. Norum

June 1--Grade 5 Swimming

June 3--Assembly--Parents are welcome to join, Grade 4 Swimming

June 7--Solestice Track & Field Meet @ Melfort

June 8--Grade 6 Swimming

June 9--Grade 4 Swimming

June 10--Track & Field Day

June 13--Alternate Track & Field Day

June 14--Grade 4 Regional Park

June 15--Grade 5 Swimming

June 15--Grade 6 Game Day Simulators

June 16--Grade 4 Swimming

June 17--Grade 6 Farewell

June 21--National Indigenous People's Day

June 22--Grade 4 Game Day Simulators

June 23--Grade 6 Swimming

June 23--Grade 5 Game Day Simulators

June 24--Grade 6 Regional Park

June 24--Grade 5 Swimming

June 27--Grade 6 Swimming

June 27--Grade 5 Regional Park

June 24 is the last day to purchase milk. No milk will be available for sale on Track and Field day. There are 19 milk days left. Any milk a child has left over will be transferred to next year for them or a younger sibling if they are leaving our school. If you have siblings currently in the school where one has milk and the other doesn’t, I can transfer the milk if you let the school know. Students are also welcome to purchase multiple milk in a day or if they are going on a field trip over lunch, I can give it to them prior to leaving if I know this is the plan.

Track and Field Snacks

June 10/22

We are so happy to once again be having Track and Field Day. The free snack table is always a big hit. Each group of students is scheduled through once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In order to provide these snacks, we rely on the parents to donate. As we are still trying to remain as Covid conscious as possible, we are asking that most of the snacks be pre-packaged, single serving items. We will be unable to accept home baked goods this year.

Examples which are popular

- Go-gurt - Tubes

- Fruit by the Foot - Fruit Leather

- Go Pure Bars - Granola Bars

- Cheese/Cracker - Bear Paws

- Rice Crispy Treats - Boxed Raisins

- Capri Sun - Juice Boxes\

Pudding or Jell-O cups are popular but don’t forget the spoons to go with if you send them.

We can also have individual fruits with a peel or rind. Examples are

- Bananas - Oranges

If parents wish to send foods that need to be divided into portions, we ask that you bring them to the school in advance so one of our staff with the food handler course can package them.

Examples which are popular

- Watermelon - Cantaloupe

- Grapes - Strawberries

- Snap Peas - Baby Carrots

- Mini cookies

School Supplies

Our school is making every attempt to support “Operation Fill-A-Backpack” in our community. We have updated our school supply lists in an attempt to keep the school year start-up cost as low as we can. We would like to remind students and parents that some of the school supplies can be used from the previous year and would like to encourage this. Scissors, markers, extra paper, and binders can be used from year to year. We would encourage students to take home extra supplies and you keep them for use next school year. Supply lists will be sent home with the final report card. We would also like to encourage donations to the “Operation Fill-A-Backpack” group as well as direct you to further information on how to get supports in this area.
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Nutrition Bites

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2022-2023 Calendar

Check out the calendar for next school year! Click on the link.
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