Australian Science Expo

20th of August

What we did

On the 20th of August, 6C and 5J went to the Australian Science Expo in the Australian Musuem in the City. During our time there we saw many presentations made by scientific organisations. We also participated in a QR code competition where we had to find

QR Codes all around the place.

Pros and Cons of the expo


Both me and Lincoln noticed that some of the presentations were too short. One expo only had the speaker ask you to name an animal and that was it. The QR code challenge, where we had to find 25 QR codes had a problem as most of the codes could not be scanned.


However there were positives. Other expos were fascinating, including one about bug collecting and another that showed if you didn't filter beer you just might end up drinking tiny worms! The QR codes that DID work had loads of interesting informations about animals.