By Lois Lowry: Flyer created by Tia Augustin


This story is about a young boy (12 years old) Jonas who lives in a very neutral and controlled community with his father who is a caretaker, his mother, and his curios little sister Lily. here in this community the people are told not to get emotionally attached to one another. Also they do not experience color, pain, or even feelings. So this is really just a bland black and white controlled society. In this community, age labels each individual with many different titles. Because Jonas is a twelve he should be assigned an assignment, but at his Ceremony of twelves he was not assigned but rather selected to be receiver of his community. In this community there is only one receiver of memory. A receiver's job is to learn and hold the memories of the community transferred from the previous receiver which is The Giver. The Giver is very wise but tired elderly man who's job is to transfer memories from the past to the receiver by touch. He begins with stupendous memories like color which is absent in the community. Then after some days he begins to transfer negative memories like pain which is a tough pill to swallow and hurts Jonas mentally and physically. After receiving all of the missing knowledge of his community he makes the brave decision to leave the community, taking Gabriel with him. This will allow the rest of the community to experience the absent memories in his society such as color, pain, and happiness to return to the community. Jonas along with Gabriel never returned...


Jonas is a twelve year old boy waiting to be assigned an assignment in the beginning of the book. He is then not assigned but selected to be the Receiver of Memory of his community. He is transferred many good and bad memories from The Giver. After being received the memory of snow he realizes and slight but shocking change in his community. He noticed the color red in the sled, the apple, and Fiona's hair. He then is transferred the memory of pain. So he after being transferred many up and down memories he realizes that it isn't right to keep these memories kept from the society so he flees the community, with Gabriel, in order to release the memories back to the community.

“If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever.”



  • What was the purpose of keeping the memories of the community shared between The Giver and The Receiver of Memory?
  • Why is precision of language so important in the community?
  • Why was a baby's fate determined by weight?


What I liked?

  • The controlled and almost "perfect" society

What I disliked?

  • You weren't allowed to be emotionally attached to anybody or anything