Jews under Greek's Rule

Conquering the world overnight

Th Greeks were taking over the world overnight. They were united under Philip II under Macedonian Rule. Philip organized Greece into a war machine. Once he died his son, Alexander the Great, took control and set out to conquer the world. He was a beast, and he conquered Greece, Asia Minor, and the Persian Empire. They call the world Hellenized because it is Greek for overnight, and Alexander conquered the known land in such a quick period. The land of Judah was ruled by the Ptolemy line but then defeated by the Seleucid and Judah was run out by them. Now the land of Judah was not under Jewish rule but Greeks rule.

The rebellious force builds

The city of Jerusalem is CHAOTIC, and they need your help. The Jews have lost control, and they are under the power of a Greek ruler. Even worse these Greeks that inhabit the land of Judah are corrupting the Jews and making them follow their ways. The ruler that is in control and making all this chaos is Antiochus IV. He hates Judaism and allows nobody to worship the true religion, but instead loves his Greek culture and forces his ways on the original settlers of the land. Antiochus is out of control! He is narcissistic, and he even calls himself Epiphanes for God Manifest. He is destroying the temple and even sold the high priest's position for money which corrupted the faith more. Now Jews are converting to the Greek's religion. The temple in Jerusalem is made into a temple to worship Olympian gods filled with all kinds of sin. Antiochus is persecuting any openly Jewish people and making them participate in pagan sacrifices. There is one family on the rise of the revolt, the Maccabees, and they are lead by their father, Mattathias. The Maccabees have started a revolt and need your help to take back the Holy Land. So come fight under Judas Maccabees and help force Antiochus out of our land.
Hellinistic period in Judea and the Hasmonean Revolt