Personal Property

Electronics and Cell Phones

Edison policy says that students may not possess or use “on school grounds during school hours an electronic device, a cellular telephone, or any other telecommunication device, including a look-a like device, in a situation not related to a school purpose or educational function or using such a device to engage in an activity that violates school rules. This rule is not violated when the student has been given clear permission from a school administrator or a designated staff member to possess or use one of the devices listed in this rule.”

This includes cell phones, gaming systems, and portable music devices. Cell phones are NOT allowed on a student’s person at any time during the day other than arrival and dismissal. If this rule is violated, cell phones and other electronics will be confiscated and held until a parent is able

to come to school to pick up the device. Students will be expected to turn off phone upon entering

the school building. The cell phone must be kept in the students locker or cubby.

The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged phones or other electronics.

Personal Property

Edison is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. Valuable personal items such as purses and all other valuables should not be left in areas where theft might occur. All 6th-8th grade students have a locker and are expected to place all personal items in them including their coat or non-uniform hoodie or sweatshirt, lunch box, gym shoes, band instrument, electronic devices, and extra school supplies. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to items brought to school with or without permission.

School Lockers and Storage

Locker privileges may be revoked if a student uses another students’ locker, gives his/her combination to others, or displays/stores inappropriate items in the locker.

Edison may, at its discretion, inspect any locker or property suspected to contain items that are not allowed in school or that are suspected to be a danger/threat to other students or faculty members' physical or emotional well-being. Core leadership, school counselors and Behavior Adjustment Facilitators have the right to search student lockers and materials in the locker at any time. Locker searches are conducted with two people at all times. A student may be asked to empty their pockets. If any type of further search is needed to ensure the safety of students and staff, or the student is refusing to cooperate, Police will be called to assist in conducting the search and parents/guardians will be notified.

Money and Notes

Any money (for lunch, field trips, book fair, etc.) and notes from home should be given to the child’s classroom teacher at the beginning of the school day. Please send notes and/or money in a sealed envelope with the students and teacher’s names and the purpose of the money on the front. Please limit the amount of money sent to school with your child to the exact amount needed.