ORE Monday Notes

April 4-8


  • Welcome back from Spring Break!
  • Please review the Master Calendar in Outlook for updates for this week.
  • The Staff Meeting on Tuesday is cancelled.
  • We are gearing up for EVAAS Roster Verification. Please make sure you take note of any emails that you receive from SAS or EVAAS and that you update your accounts as necessary when getting these emails. Soon you will begin calculating your percentages of responsibility and availability. There are refresher courses available at Laughlin if you would like to sign up. They are held in the afternoons so you will not need subs to attend. They encourage teachers to attend as a small team. I have ensured that each of you have the right access to the reports you would need to attend this training.
  • Extra! Extra! begins today. An email was sent to you from Casey Crossan indicating who in your classroom is signed up for particular classes. Please do not dismiss students to Extra! Extra! early. They should leave with you with the rest of your class and you should walk them to their Extra! Extra! location. This helps us ensure that everyone gets to the correct location. The first few days of Extra! Extra! are always a bit chaotic with knowing who went where, etc. so if each teacher will walk their students to the correct location then we can be assured that everyone went to the correct place. If you are unsure about the status of a particular student please contact the parent today prior to dismissal to make sure dismissal plans are smooth. On this same note - it is a great idea to leave Extra! Extra! dismissal notes - for the next 6 weeks - in your emergency Sub Folder/Notebook and make sure that all subs that will be working for you are aware of these changes in afternoon dismissal plans.
  • Quarter 3 PEP signatures should be complete at this time and 3rd quarter contents added to the Green Portfolios should be updated along with the Portfolio Checklist. Mr. Smith and I will be reviewing these in the next few days and asking you to drop off the Green Portfolios for review. Wait for an email from me before sending these files to the office. Thanks,
  • We will push hard for one more Derby Run Letter Turn In - please communicate with your students that they can still bring letters to the school this week through Friday :)
  • Specialists Grades are due to classroom teachers on Tuesday.
  • The Data Spreadsheet should be updated by Wednesday with any 3rd quarter data (writing scores and K-2 math scores).
  • 3-5 Grade Students will take the ELA Post Assessment - District Benchmark this Thursday and the Math on Monday of next week.
  • Report Cards should be sent home with all students next Tuesday - you can print your report cards anytime prior to that day but at the latest by Monday before you leave school.

End of Year PDP and Artifact Reviews

It is hard to believe we are at the end of the 15-16 Evaluation Cycle. By this time you have had 2 or 3 observations and completed both a Beginning PDP conference and a Mid-Year Review. We are now ready for the End of Year PDP Reviews. Here is the information that you need to prepare for this culminating portion of your yearly evaluation.

  • Over the next few weeks from April 11-29 Mr. Smith and I will schedule a meeting time with you through Outlook. If you are one of the people I am observing this year I have already sent this to you and it should be on your Outlook Calendar - if not - let me know.
  • We will hold this meeting in your classroom.
  • You will need to have updated your PDP prior to this meeting. I like to review the written portion that you have updated prior to coming down to your room so if you can have this done a day or two in advance of our scheduled meeting that will be ideal. There are two portions for you to complete - the first is an update to the evidence of your progress (this should be similar to the artifacts that you will share - see next bullet below), the second portion is a brief narrative that you write that shares more information about the professional growth you have made this school year. In other words - what have been the outcomes of your PD and how have you grown professionally through your own Professional Development Plan?
  • At the meeting you will share all of the artifacts that you have accumulated this school year that support your PDP and the learning that you have engaged with to grow professionally. I also ask that you have your full Lesson Plan book available for me to review at this meeting as well. For the artifacts - look at the activities that you identified that you would complete and then provide documentation of the activities that you have completed. For example - an artifact of a book that you read (if that was an activity that you identified) would be either a copy of the book, your notes from the reading, a list of the books you have read, etc.. Don't overthink this :) Just look at what you said you were going to do from the original beginning of the year PDP form and then document what you have accomplished. It is okay if the activities have changed over the course of the year - if so - just explain this in the End of Year Narrative portion of the document. As I have shared with you in the past - the way that I do this is by creating a manila file folder for each of my three goals and then each time I do something related to that goal I file that document in the file folder. Try to keep it simple and real - based on the real work you do each day!
  • Following this End of Year PDP Review, Mr. Smith and I will then go back and update the final End of Year Summary Evaluation Form that we will share with you and get signatures on during the month of May.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions.