The Year We Disappeared

By: Kovida, Savannah, John, Lisa, and Morgan

Salamone 7th period

Nobody could've predicted that everything would change after one night. John Busby, a police officer, had been shot in the jaw while going through his nightly shifts. Afraid of being targeted again, John and his family went under strict protection while John worked hard to recover. This isn't a story of a brutal shooting. This is a story of how life can change in an instant and force you to leave behind everything you once loved. Their life changed from the moment John was shot. Whether they wanted to or not, they could no longer live in Cape Cod. As much as they tried to control their life by constantly being protected. The fear of living in hiding wore them down, and they finally let their life be guided and make the best of it. Life truly cannot be controlled. You can guide it in a direction you want, but what happens from there is the path your life has chosen.

Life cannot be controlled; it can only be guided.

What makes truth stranger than fiction?

Truth seems stranger than fiction because you don't expect extraordinary things to happen in real life. When it is in a fiction story, you are able to tell that someone has the ability to make it up. They all seem strange to us because they are things that we do not encounter on a daily basis.

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