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E-Newsletter 5 // January 2016

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Personal Update!

We have had a very busy Christmas season! I had over 120 student's papers to grade, ministry opportunities, and of course a lot of travel. There is one event that has been the capstone for the end of our year. I wish to share some very exciting news with you.

Becky and I became foster parents in June of 2012. We took in a little girl who was with us for six months. We then received a call from the agency in February of 2013 for a brother and sister, ages 3 and 4. Shaun and Olivia came to our home with a lot of questions, fear, and anxiety.

We quickly fell in love with these two children and they became part of our family. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other and we wanted them to have a family life.

It started to become evident that Shaun and Olivia would not be going home. The sad reality is that there are many children who are not able to have normalcy. We knew God was calling us to make these kids part of our family!

The road was very long and we weren't always sure what the final outcome would be. But on November 18 it became official. Shaun and Olivia are our children!

We are thrilled to be parents and we take our responsibility seriously. We hope that our story will encourage others to be part of the rescue and invest in children in their communities. Perhaps you could consider being a foster parent.

In the Classroom - Where is the Hope?

When I was interviewed to teach Ethics at the University of Scranton, my department chair asked me to create a sample syllabus. He wanted to get a feel for what I would teach as well as the general flow of the class. I included the typical things that would be covered in such a course - Plato, Aristotle, Mill, Kant, Hobbes - as well as topics for discussion like abortion, torture, and political theory. He liked all of this but I took a chance and pushed a little harder.

One of the key questions that a study of ethics asks is, "What is the good life?' or, "Who is a good person?" So I decided to include a three week section where we would compare and contrast the ethical systems of epicureanism, stoicism and Christian theism. I realize my chair would know what those three things are but you may not. Let me give you a very brief explanation of the first two.

  • Epicureanism - the good life comes from adding pleasure and avoiding pain
  • Stoicism - the good life comes from being in complete control.
You can imagine how both of these are attractive to the average college student!
My student's textbooks had plenty of readings to cover these to schools of thought. The text also had a few (good) readings on "the good life" from a Christian perspective but I wanted to give them more. This is where the 'push' comes in...I said I also I wanted them to read Philippians. My chair loved it! I was a little shocked but I tried to hide it. He gave me permission to teach this!

We launched into our study and finished it with the biblical text. Think about it. I taught the book of Philippians to 70 college students! By the way, I believe that Philippians is Paul's frontal assault on the first two schools of thought.

I did not use the classroom setting to force the Christology on them. We didn't avoid it though, how could you? We were looking at the text to answer the "good life" question. So far so good.

After three weeks of lecture and discussion, I asked them one more time for their observations. Many students said that they saw twin themes coming up over and over in Philippians - hope and joy! Indeed. I asked them if they saw those in the first two schools of thought. A resounding NO was heard in the classroom. They recognized that neither epicureanism nor stoicism offer any hope and that joy is self-manufactured. They realized that only Christianity gives one hope and joy from the outside. You don't have to make it yourself.

The students wanted to know how Paul could offer such a radical thing. I told them to look at their text (I had them print Philippians from, it is found in the first verse and near the end in 4:19. They busily studied their texts and I could the lights beginning to come on. They were reluctant to answer at first and then they opened up.

They saw that Paul and Timothy are writing in the name of Jesus and that it is God who will meet the needs of his own. There were many students who had never heard this before!

This three week series led to three individual conversations where I was able to share the Gospel. One student has been going to church with us regularly ever since.

We exist for opportunities like this!

Personal Support Update

The Lord continues to provide outside speaking opportunities. I love the privilege of explaining and defending Christianity. We are very thankful for the opportunities to partner with churches, camps, and other organizations. We are currently about 60% for our monthly needs in terms of regular support. There are some churches and individuals who have shown interest in supporting us and we are praying that they would join us in partnership.

Please contine to pray for us. My schedule is going to get very busy over the next 6 months. Please pray for safety as I travel and that God would lead us to those who can financially support the ministry.

Would you consider a one-time gift or a regular partnership with Addisons Walk? Your gift allows me to spend more time on campus, disciple students, and do the work of a Christian study center. We need you and a new generation of university students does too!

***Addisons Walk is a 501(c)(3) organization. You may send your tax deductible check to the address below or submit a gift via PayPal through our website. Please make checks payable to "Addison's Walk".

Addisons Walk Live!

We are coming to a city near you! Come out to meet us and hear what God is doing.

Bring Addisons Walk to your church, youth group, school, or college. We have several seminars that will give you increased confidence in biblical Christianity.

January 10 Emmaus Church - Purcellville, VA

January 15-17 Calvary Baptist Church - Covington, KY

January 24 Elm Park Church - Scranton, PA

February 7 Franklin Lakes Baptist Church - Franklin Lakes, NJ

February 26-28 Rumney Bible Conference - Rumney, NH

March 4-6 Lincoln Lake Camp - Gowen, MI

March 20-25 Grace Academy - Chattanooga, TN