Cyber Bullying

When a child is targeted by another child using technolgy

Seriousness of Cyberbullying

The kind of threat:

  1. The communication uses lewd language
  2. The communication insults your child directly (“You are stupid!”)
  3. The communication threatens your child vaguely (“I’m going to get you!”)
  4. The communication threatens your child with bodily harm. (“I’m going to beat you up!”)
  5. There is a general serious threat. (“There is a bomb in the school!” or “Don’t take the school bus today!”)
  6. The communication threatens your child with serious bodily harm or death (“I am going to break your legs!” or “I am going to kill you!”)

    The more repeated the communications are, the greater the threats (or enlarging this to include third-parties) and the more dangerous the methods, the more likely law enforcement or legal process needs to be used. If personal contact information is being shared online, this must be treated very seriously.

Stop Cyberbullying

Other resources on cyberbullying:

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