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Lakeview Family Newsletter - September 8

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A great first week!

Our students are off to a great start this school year! As a parent, I know how many feelings go with this first week: a little sadness with seeing your child a year older, a little relief with the structure school provides, a little exhaustion at the end of the day, a little hope for new possibilities, and so much more. There's just something about the first week of school that rolls so many emotions into one short span of time.

Our students jumped back into learning this week like they never left. Even our very youngest students in 4K and 5K acted like they've been here for months. That is thanks to YOU - thank you for the support and high expectations you provide at home.

Mr. Sepersky

The Need to Read

Research tells us that students need to read 30 minutes every day just to maintain their current abilities, and 60 minutes per day to truly advance their skills as readers. At school, we provide at least 30 minutes of independent reading time every day, but in order for students to become better readers, we count on our families to provide students with another 30 minutes of reading every day. That can be a mix of independent reading, shared reading, or reading to your student. And if young students cannot handle 30 minutes yet, make it a goal to reach.

PBIS Schoolwide Expectations

Schools often use a framework of behavior expectations called PBIS, which is short for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. Part of the system is proactively teaching students what the expectations are in various settings around the school. At Lakeview, we have three main expectations - think of them as three main "buckets" that all the other rules can fit in. They are:

Be safe ~ Be respectful ~ Be engaged

This past Wednesday, every student went through a series of rotations to learn positive expectations in the lunchroom, recess, hallways and bathroom, office and nurse, and before/after school. This chart is posted in every classroom and in hallways as a reminder.

Drop off and Pick up

School starts at 8:30. Every student needs to be on the playground before 8:30 a.m. Students may not enter school through the front door before 8:30, except for Y-program students who arrive early.

School ends at 3:35. We need every student picked up promptly because we do not have personnel to supervise students. This week, the office received many calls between 3:15 and 3:30 with requests to keep students late. We cannot do this. Please make arrangements to have someone here on time to pick up students.

School board policy 862 prohibits visitors from bringing animals on school grounds, except for trained and certified service animals. Please leave dogs at home or in the car.

Thank you for supply donations

We had two groups donate school supplies for our students this year, and it is much appreciated! We want to thank the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus, Council 1709, for their donation. We also want to thank Sorce Martial Arts for their generous donation. These gifts go right to our students and make a difference in the lives of many people.

Spirit Dress-up Days for Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is coming up in the School District of South Milwaukee, and we will be participating in some of the same Spirit Dress-up Days as the students at the high school. Here is the schedule for Homecoming week Spirit Days:

Monday, September 24 - No school (Staff professional development day)

Tuesday, September 25 - Sports day - Wear sports clothes or team jerseys

Wednesday, September 26 - Tropical day - Hawaiian themed (no swimsuits)

Thursday, September 27 - Lakeview day - Wear Lakeview shirts or colors (blue/yellow)

Friday, September 28 - Rocket day - Wear SM shirts or colors (red/black)

Elementary Handbook

Please see this link for the South Milwaukee Elementary Handbook. You will find answers to many common questions. The handbook can also be found on the Lakeview website under the "For Families" tab.

Gifted and Talented Programming

As the district continues to meet the needs of all learners, here is a letter from our Gifted and Talented coordinator, Mrs. Cosgrove.

Annual Notices

Please see this document for our annual notices. At various times of the year, the school district provides required notices. These are also available to view in the Lakeview office. This newsletter, you will find notices about Child Find, Curriculum Modification, Education for Employment, Homeless Children and Youth Education, Student Wellness, Student Academic Standards, Student Assessment Information, Student Attendance, Student Locker Searches, Student Nondiscrimination and Religious Accommodations, Student Privacy/Student Surveys, Student Records, and Title I Programs.

SM Youth Basketball Tryouts

Some tryouts are already this weekend. Click the document below for the flyer.