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October 13, 2015

Fire Prevention Week

Last week we learned about fire safety. To kick off the week, the Riner Fire Department came and talked with our students and let us explore the fire truck. It is a very important unit for us as we learn crucial rules about how to avoid a fire, and what to do if there is one. Below are some pictures of our morning --

The Four Seasons

This month we are learning about the four seasons and all the changes that occur throughout the year in animals, weather, plants and people. We have started talking specifically about autumn this week and will continue this month by learning about apples (and how God designed them), pumpkins (and their life cycle), migration, hibernation and trees. The last day of of school in October will be our field trip to the farm/pumpkin patch.

Report Cards and End of First Quarter

This coming Friday (October 16) is the last day of the current grading period. As we discussed in our parent/teacher conference, I will be sending home an envelope with this quarter's assessments for you. You may simply keep them this time, sign the paper inside and send the envelope back to school.

Next quarter, since I will not have conferences for sharing your child's work, I will periodically be sending the envelope home, and ask you to return the contents to me until the 2nd Quarter's report card is sent home.

Report cards for 1st Quarter will be coming home October 23.
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Students performed for ABCA Grandparents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Apple Week and Pumpkin Week

Would you like to help with our autumn activities? This week I will be sending home a form asking for various types of apples for our upcoming science unit. Please be on the lookout for it this week. We will be tasting different apples and making applesauce.

The last week in this month we will be doing a special activity with 'baby pumpkins' and we will need 12 of the little orange gourds that look like tiny pumpkins. If you would be willing to purchase some of these for our class, please let me know. Walmart has little bags of them for about $5 for 5.


I am so happy to see my students are practicing their math facts using XtraMath! I receive a weekly report of who is working on the site, and how well they are doing.

Starting next week we will be learning addition facts with sums greater than 5. I will add more flashcards to the bags and your student will bring them home daily again. (Many thanks to Donna Shelor for cutting out all those flashcards for me!). Please continue to allow your student to log on to XtraMath and continue to increase those addition skills.

Field Trip Reminder!

We will be going on our whole-school field trip on Friday, October 30. As a reminder, children under 3 and adults get in free. Students are encouraged to wear their ABCA anchor tee shirts. Also, since there will be lots of dirt and maybe mud, please allow children to wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty, appropriate shoes or boots, and send in a plastic bag for carrying a pumpkin. If you have any questions, let me know!