TTU TRIO SSS- Financial Aid Edition

February 2016

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Set up an appointment or contact your SSS advisor for questions! We are happy to help!

Have you completed the FAFSA?

TTU Financial Aid Priority Deadline is MARCH 15.

Click HERE for the TTU Financial Aid Website

Remember: First Come. First Served. Don't wait to submit your FAFSA!!!

Need assistance renewing your FAFSA?

Click on the links below for quick video tutorials!

or Attend our FAFSA-THON WORKSHOP on March 4 (more information below)

Renewing Your 2016-2017 FAFSA

How to Create a FSA ID

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March 4th 3-6pm


Doak Training Room 155

Leave the workshop with a completed FAFSA and all of your questions answered. You do not have to have your Tax Returns completed, but please bring copies if you have them along with all of your FAFSA log-in information with you.

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File Your Taxes!

Although you are able to submit your initial FAFSA with your family's 2014 taxes, your application will not be finalized until you update with your 2015 tax information. File your taxes as soon as possible after you receive your W-2.

IRS Data Retrieval Tool

The federal government has improved their IRS Data Retrieval Tool and is encouraging all financial aid applicants to use this tool when completing the FAFSA. In fact, using this tool will substantially decrease your chances of being selected for the federal verification process. Verification is a process where the financial aid office verifies the information you reported on the FAFSA by reviewing supporting documentation you submit such as your federal income tax return and institutional verification form. You will need to complete your FAFSA on the web in order to participate in the IRS Data Retrieval Process.

Tax Transcript

If you get selected for verification, you must submit a tax transcript. If you do not submit one, you can lose all or most of your financial aid. If you are selected, order your free tax transcript. Make sure you request a Tax Transcript; do not request a Tax Account Transcript or Record of Account because they cannot be used for financial aid verification purposes.

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Have you applied for any scholarships lately? Don't miss out on FREE money!

Here are few recommendations on where to locate opportunities:

  1. Follow Financial Aid office on social media

    o @TTUFinancialAid

    o Facebook: Office of Student Financial Aid-Texas Tech University

  2. Download the Apps: Wunderlist; Scholly

  3. Here are a few websites you can also check out. Never pay to get a scholarship!
  • Remember, searching for scholarships is a tedious process and will take some effort and dedication but just one scholarship could go a long way in contributing to the cost of tuition, books or supplies!

Applying for Scholarships:

Tips for essays:

· Tell a story

· Give a snapshot into who you are

· Be authentic

· Be real

What they will look at:

· Community Service

· Leadership

· Tech GPA for Tech Scholarships

Get involved in 3 things in college:

1. Give Back

2. Fun

3. Related to your major


Looking for a job? Work on campus. Follow the link below and contact your SSS advisor if you have questions about resume or interview prep. We are here to help!