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Values, goals, needs and wants

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First name. Ariyanna Harris

Five things you value.Music, family, boldness, communication, and creativity

A short-term goal you have. I hope to be successful at the end of this class with at least an B by working hard.

A long-term goal you have.I wish to be almost done with music school and being successful half way through 2018 by understandin how music comes together.

Five things you want. A music career, happiness, money, friends, and leadership

Five things you need.Love, credibility, good communication, success, and friends

Personal Finance Class

It teaches me how to be responsible with money, how to plan, what values and needs are and etc. "Automating some of your finances can be incredibly convenient and is a great way to save time, but automating everything makes it too easy to go on autopilot and forget to pay attention to your personal finances."

~~ Alexa Von Tobel

Best motivational speech EVER! *Never give up!!!* Eric Thomas

Motivational Speech

Success is here to come if you just believe that you can do it and never give up

Frequently Asked Questions Music

What is the potential income for this career?What is a typical day/week like for you? What skills/personal attributes are most important to being successful?What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?
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