Matt Laur, Emily Anderson, Matt LaBille

Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends "Robert South"
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Massacre of the Innocents

This painting show the women protecting the innocent baby during a dreaded massacre.


A simple, guileless, inexperienced, or unsophisticated person, often an child.
"My dad's story": Dream for My Child | MetLife

"My dad's story": Dream for My Child

The girl starts her essay on a lighthearted note, describing her father as the “sweetest daddy in the world.” Happy scenes of the father and daughter playing together are later followed by scenes of the father working menial jobs to earn money for his family. The daughter reveals that he “lies about having a job” and “lies about having money,” but does so out of love for his daughter. The ad ends with the message, “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice.” This innocent dad does all he can to make sure is daughter has a good education, even if times are tough. And he does it with a smile.