My business is called TUT'S PLACE. We are a restaurant. We have bread, we make it with yeast, dough, and salt. Then bake it in a small oven. We hang up our fish in the hot sun,which bakes them dry. After it gets packet in ash to preserve them. We also serve fruit, vegetable, meats like cow, sheep, calves, oxen, duck, goose, stork, and pigeon. Our drinks are wine, beer, grape juice, and water. Also a side of onions.



The location of my business TUT'S PLACE is in a small town of Giza. It is near the delta, West bank of the Nile. It is in lower Egypt near the pyramids. The delta is above lower Egypt.


The importance of TUT'S PLACE is so everyone in Egypt won't starve and get dehydrated. If Egypt's people don't eat or drink they will die out, that is why you have TUT'S PLACE. For sure if people don't eat there health will be bad. It is 81'F and 17% humidity so people and workers need drinks.


My business is called TUT'S PLACE you'll soon see that my business is food I sell SOFT bread, dried but good fish, fruits, vegetables, beer, wine, water, grape juice, onions on the side, and meats such as cow, sheep, calves, oxen, duck, goose, stork, and pigeon. My business is located in lower Egypt in the town of Giza. Are business is important to the people of Egypt because they need food and have to hydrate. The heat in Giza is 81'F so it's hot and pyramid workers are near by and they get tired and hot so they need water. Its not that expensive.
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