Why do People Learn Coding

By William V.

Why Our Kids Must Learn to Code
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STRPsW6IY8k Credit goes to crator of video.

Opinion 1

People should be learning code for many reasons. Jobs that involve coding are becoming more popular and popular more people want to start to learn it. This is good because coding is something very fun to learn. Some Programs to learn programming that I recommend are the links below. These are the best 2 websites I know to start students to learn coding. They are also the most funnest way I know on how to teach coding to adults and mostly kids. Another way I like to learn coding is that books also help. People who read books about coding is the same way of learning how to read a book.

benefits of kids coding?

As a kid, if you start to learn coding ,there are educational benefits. You start to learn the basics of a computer and what is inside a computer. This can make kids be able to use technology in everyday life. Also to go with educational benefits, there are also more and more job opportunities to be alone with coding. Also learning coding may influence a child's ability to think creatively. They can use this to solve puzzles using creative ways instead of the most common. (Information from the Site Below)


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Hour of Code

Monday, Dec. 5th, 7am

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