#23 Learning Logs


Purpose of Learning Logs

The purpose of learning logs is that the students use them as tools for learning. The student' writing is impromptu in learning logs so the emphasis is using writing to personalize their learning.

Teachers can monitor the students' learning logs to check how well they understand the big ideas of the thematic unit and what confusions they may have.

Great to use for social studies, math or science units! Students can record problems, drawings, classifications and big events and organize main content ideas.

Instructional Focus & Grade Level

  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Content Areas

Grades 3-8

Example & How To

1. Prepare learning logs at beginning of thematic unit

2. Have students use their learning logs by taking notes, drawing diagrams, list vocabulary words

3. Monitor students' entries by answering the students' questions and clarifying confusions

4. Have students write reflections by reviewing their entries at the end of the unit and write a reflection about what they learned