Dale's Goals

Mrs. Richards' 5th Grade 2015

My Strengths and Weaknesses

My strengths are reading, and writing. These are my strengths because I am good at them.

My Weaknesses are math. This is my weakness because its very complicated and hard.

Goals for the year

My goal for Social studies is to get an A. I will do this by studying.

My Language arts goal is to get a good grade. I will do this by learning.

My Science goal is to get better at it. I will do this by paying attention in class.

My Math goal is to get very good grades. I will do this by working hard.

My personal goals

My personal goal for the year is to eat more veggies. I will do this by avoiding meat and meatloaf's.

Another personal goal for the year is to watch more tv. I will do this by watching more of it.

Who Can Help Me?

One person who can help me with my goals is my mom and my teacher. They can help me because they are good people.

What Might Distract Me?

Something that might distract me from my goals are school. One way I can keep school from distracting with my goals is to go to school and try to do the goals any way.