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The next math prodigy has been born!!!!!! See image below at the end of this flier.

Todays objective: Learning how to factor polynomial equations!

Next Mathematics Meeting (6 continuing educations hours awarded!)

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 9pm-2am

Basalt Ct

Temple, TX

This is where real mathematicians party! Come and get some pi!

My Most Commonly Used Links

Make your own page in minutes using a smore.

The YouTube time machine!

Have students put any ideas or projects using Today's Meet. (mention pinning)

Find many forms (especially for mathematics) on Worksheetworks.

Great programs for reviews, quizzes or tests would be Socrative and Infuse Learning.

I-NIGMA: One of the very best free QR Code Readers. This enables you to simply scan over a QR Code verses having to fit it into the green box to scan.

Bulk QR Code Creator: Very useful program to make multiple QR Codes all at one time. (Personal use would be for missing homework assignments).

Educreations: Powerpoint with the ability to write on each slide or add commentary.

Viewpure: Ability to watch youtube videos without ads or distractions (bad pics).