By: Corbin

Limerick and a Haiku


There was ounce a pear

Who had fluffy hair

He liked to boil

So he was putt in a bowl


Turtles are awesome

In the big, huge, blue pond.

They swim down so low.

Blank verse, Free verse and limerick poems

Blank verse-

Summer sun, shadow on the lawn.

Sitting with my best friend

We blessed as heaven sent

Mostly sun is

Free verse-

My day

It is so tough

Tough as nailes

Some are easy some are hard

Acrostic poem -

Dirt poem

Really Dirty

I think It's fun

It's Really nice

I Think not all people like it

Secondary poems

I wonder how the nights glow?

What makes them so bright?

Why are they white some nights?

I wonder if man could live on the moon.

Could he even get there?

Could we stay up there forever?

I wonder who thought of paper.

How was its made then?

What did you use it for?

I wonder what killed the Dinosaurs.

What could it be?

What did it look like?

I wonder when we leave the universe.

What would make us leave?

What would we need?

I wonder why I like football.

Why do I want to know?

Why would I want to know?

I wish I had a pet lion named blob.

That flies in the sky,

Like a airplane so high.

I wish

I was in a famous football game.

Ready to throw the game winning pass.

Then I won the game.

I wish

I could fly as high as the sky.

I wish

I was a player in the NFL

I used to be 12 now I'm 13.

I used to be a baseball player now I am a football player.

I used to be sad now I am happy.

I used to be bad now I'm good.

Corbin White

I'm kind of down

I'm kind of shady

Just like downy

Tom cruise

Is looking cool

He's rocking people

Like the rock

What a little boy did What a football player did