The ASOT Reflection

Region 9 High Reliability Schools-May 2018

Let's Celebrate!

The year is winding down fast, and it's a perfect time to celebrate student success (Element 3). While one common practice is a "final status" celebration, another important thing to celebrate is progress or growth. Celebrations can take many forms. Take a look below for a few ideas.
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Celebrating You!

In this month's ASOT in Action, we want to recognize all the hard work you as ASOT teachers have done this year. We've recently sent out a short survey for ASOT teachers to complete to help us reflect on our own practices this year. In doing so, we want to celebrate the success you've had in setting and meeting your goals. On the chart below, a 4 represents teachers who have "adapted and created new strategies for a chosen element with success" (so a 3 would represent mastery of the element).
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You'll notice that at this point, we only had 30 responses. If you haven't had a chance to do so, please complete the ASOT Feedback survey, which we've included here for you as well. You may have received this in an email already; if so, you only need to complete this once.

Just as we want feedback, you may realize that you'd like feedback from your students. If so, check out this end-of-year survey to use with your classes.

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ASOT in Action Submissions

We know you work hard to try new things and to be the best teacher you can be. We want to celebrate all that you do and share what is working in classrooms across our region. If you have tried an ASOT element and think others could benefit from the idea, please consider taking a few pictures or even a video and submitting them to us to be included in future newsletters or other shared resources.

You can use the form below for easy submission of your photos and/or videos or you can email them to with a brief explanation of what you tried and what you thought of the strategy.

Summer PD

ASOT Followup

This summer we will be offering a repeat of last summer's ASOT Follow Up Sessions. These sessions are intended for teachers who have already been trained in the Art and Science of Teaching and will include practical applications for the elements on the placemat. It is a time of collaboration and brainstorming to help teachers grow in their practice.

Whole Brain Teaching

Chris Biffle from Whole Brain Teaching will be at Region 9 June 4. If you've never heard of whole-brain teaching, take a look at their website:

The concepts of whole-brain teaching fit in well with several elements in The Art and Science of Teaching, especially (but not limited to!) Element 4: Establishing Classroom Routines and Procedures, Element 3: Celebrating Student Success, Element 9: Chunking Content into "Digestible Bites," and Element 33: Demonstrating Withitness.

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