The Social network

Advantages, disadvantages ? Dangerous or not ? The answer

Benefits of social networks

You can find your friend

You can chat with your friend when you want

You can publish everything you want

You can post status or photos or videos about you and your friends

Be carreful please !

Guards your profile with maximum safety systems in place. Do not accept anyone who does not publis anything, especially respected your privacy ! Be careful to be sure the person who's talking about, do not think this is a "fake profile" .Not publish any photos too daring.


This is a horrible thing, it's easy to harass or humiliate quelqun behind his écran.On do not realize the consequences and the influence it may have on the victim's life. Do not be mean, do not belittled others just because everyone else does and you look more cool if you do it too. It can happen to you to be the victim too. Just be yourself and're avoiding going into the game of cyber bullying please !