LaShae Latimore


Who is LaShae Latimore?

LaShae Latimore is a new author on the African American Romance and Contemporary fiction scene. Born and Raised in Willingboro, NJ, LaShae has always had a love and passion for creating unique storylines with sharp plot twists and larger than life characters, even as a child!

After years of dreaming, in 2017 she finally put pen to paper and created her first novel, The Sweetest Part. Coming off the high of the first book's success, LaShae kept the momentum going and released her second novel, Fight or Flight a twisted love story within a few months. Both novels were published under her very own publishing company, Love and Literature Publications.

LaShae Latimore is a mother of three beautiful children and resides in Burlington, NJ. She spends what little free time she has reading and assisting other aspiring authors with their projects. You can expect to see much more from the spicy new author.

The Sweetest Part

Miles Lundy, a decorated detective from New Jersey is a stand-up guy…. on paper. He lands his dream job right out of college and manages to work his way up within the Police department by the time he’s thirty-five despite the odds stacked against him. He eventually marries the love of his life, Shayne and proceeds to make a life for himself and his wife. Miles has knack for trying to always do the right thing. His only vice is his weakness for the ladies. With an addiction to the feminine physique and a reputation for loving, leaving and moving on to the next, drama ensues.

Shayne has managed to look the other way for years when faced with her husband’s indiscretions. But how many second chances does it take to get to fed up? Shayne un covers yet another of Miles' infidelities, but this one proves to be far more damaging than she could have imagined. Slowly, Shayne’s sanity starts to slip away and a Savage is born. Sick of playing the victim, She sets out to seek sweet revenge stopping at nothing to show Miles’ how expensive the cost of screwing over the wrong woman can be. A deadly course of events brings Miles face to face with his sins leaving him waist deep in a web of lies, betrayal and Murder. Will Miles have the strength to fight his demons and be the man that he set out to be, or will karma have something a little different in mind?

Lashae Latimore a fresh new author on the scene, refers to her style of writing as the cross between the vivid storytelling of Mary Monroe and the gritty urban feel of Terri Woods. Using her love for the African American fiction genre as the driving force, Lashae hopes to bring a new flavor to the African American Fiction genre.


Buzzworthy Book

Fight or Flight

All Paris has ever wanted is to be loved unconditionally. Her young years spent in foster care, she’s spent more years than she cares to remember, fighting to just survive. Her tenacity pushed her to pursue a different life for herself and her young son, but the long hours spent caring for others as a nurse, has begun to take a toll on her.

After a particularly long night, she falls asleep behind the wheel, causing a devastating collision and a young woman is left clinging to life. Fearful of what the consequences could mean for her child, Paris flees the scene, only to discover that the accident wasn’t the worst case scenario.
Now she’s at the center of a moral dilemma that will test her sense of destiny, her willingness to come clean, and in an unexpected twist, test her heart.

Has Paris’s quest for a life filled with love and compassion turned into her worst nightmare, or has fate set her up to find love in the most unexpected place?