Avid Fall Semester Exam

Ashley Ngo, 1/11/16, 7th grade

How did I grow this Semester?

This year in avid... I have learned so many life lessons that i will cherish for the rest of my life. I have not only learned about school and responsibility but i have learned about character and doing things to help those in need. I also learned how to find your GPA and other things involving college.
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Cornell Notes

Before I started avid, when I needed to take notes I just jotted a bunch of words on a piece of paper. Now that I'm in AVID I learned a new technique it's called "cornell note-taking," it's a 2 column set up, on your left you write down questions that will help you review with the topic later. On the right side you write down important details or information, graphs, charts, tables, etc. Later on you "HD" your notes meaning highlighting, underlining, or circling key phrases.

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During class on Tuesdays and Thursdays we get in tutorial groups to help us have a better understanding on topics that were confused about. So basically on Mondays and Wednesday we fill out a "TRF" (tutorial request form). Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays we present in our tutorial groups, explaining what we don't understand. Tutorials help me a lot with stuff I don't understand, it gives you a chance to get with other students and see there point of view and learn new things.
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I have learned how to organize my binder, thanks to binder checks. Keeping your binder clean isn't that hard, you just have to commit to doing it then it starts being a habit. I also learned how to prioritize my time with work and having practice, I have set out a schedule to organize my homework, sport practice, and tutoring when needed.
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School Involvement

I never imagined myself being apart of a sport team, until this year, and I love it so much! First semester I have played on the volleyball and basketball team. I'm hoping to play tennis and golf next semester. I enjoy it so much because I feel fit and healthy and volleyball is now my favorite sport because just being on the court makes me forget all about my problems and everything else and my mind is just focused on the game, there is no other feeling like it.

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Public speaking

Have you ever gave a presentation and was so nervous that you stutter or was awkward? I know I have! During this semester of AVID we learned how to give a presentation, the right way. I learned that you should try not to mispronounce a word, try using words you know or go over your text a couple of times until you pronounce the word or phrase right.. Also you should try to talk to where everyone in the room could hear you but make sure your talking in a appropriate tone.
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Writing skills

My writing skills have improved because we wrote a memoir, quick writes, etc.. I feel like i went from using basic words to a more advanced word. I just believe my writing has improved throughout this semester like with cornell-notes my questions went from "how to divide fractions" to "how do you divide fractions using the correct steps and how can i double check my answer."
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what will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

This second semester I'm aiming for 85 and above in all my classes. I'm also gonna continue to stay on top of my grades. I need to work on procrastinating a lot less, I've gotten a lot better though. I just want it to be a great last semester.