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March 21, 2021 Update

This Week's Messages

Mindful March

To practice these daily goals at home, download or print the calendar here.

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Good Morning Sherwood,

I write to you today with a heavy heart as I know we are all deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred on Friday.

On behalf of the entire Sherwood community, my deepest sympathies go out to the surviving husband/father and son/brother. As Dr. Sawyer mentioned in his email to the community yesterday, because of the need to notify family members outside of the country, the authorities have not yet released the identity of the child. We have however learned that the 12-year-old girl was not a Sherwood student.

The crisis team at Sherwood met yesterday to immediately plan for how to best support students who may have been close with the family or the victims of this tragedy. We also met to establish supports for any other members of our community that may be impacted by this sudden and tragic news. Please know that our counseling team will be available on Monday and throughout the week to support any student, family, or staff member as they return to school. Additionally, I am including our counseling team’s contact information and additional resources for parents and guardians who may be looking for further support or suggestions on how to best talk to their child about this or other tragic events.

While we are all saddened by this news, I know that as a community we will rise up and support each other through this difficult time.

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me directly if I can provide any additional assistance to you or your child.


Jonathan Kelly, Principal

We Are Here to Support You

In light of most recent tragic events that have impacted our community, we wanted to remind you of the counseling support available to all in the Sherwood Community.

Some key messages to keep in mind:

  • Be yourself (parent/relative/staff member) – you don’t have to be a therapist.

  • Reinforce your values and children’s safety at home and school. We each have the power to make our school and community a safe, fair, and positive place by taking care of ourselves, each other, and our community.

  • Reach out when you need help. We are here to offer support.

  • Additional resources available: SPS Well-Being Guide NASP-How to Talk with Kids

For More Information or to Contact Us, View Our Information Below, or Open this link.


The Sherwood Counseling Team

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Additional Resources for Parents

The following are articles for parents or guardians who are looking for additional support for how to talk to their child about tragic events.

This Week's Schedule

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Monday, March 22nd and Tuesday, March 23rd

  • Cohort A & B in person

  • Cohort C will follow their typical Monday/Tuesday asynchronous learning plans.

  • Cohort D will follow their typical schedule.

Wednesday, March 24th

  • Cohort A1 in person 1/2 day

  • Cohorts A2, B & C will follow their typical live classes via Zoom in the morning and then have asynchronous learning in the afternoon.

  • Cohort D will follow their typical schedule.

Thursday, March 25th & Friday, March 26th

  • Cohort A & C in person

  • Cohort B will follow their typical Thursday/Friday asynchronous learning plans.

  • Cohort D will follow their typical schedule.

What's For Lunch?

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6 Navy Superhero: Ellie Carriveau

Congratulations to Sherwood's own superhero 6 Navy's Ellie Carriveau for courageously participating in the St. Baldricks Virtual Head Shave Party on Sunday, March 15th! Ellie raised over $5000 & came in 3rd place amongst all participants for $ raised! She is a great power of example for us all! Here she is pictured with her 6 Navy teachers Ms. Shaw, Ms. Rowell, and Ms. Collins! Way to go Ellie!!!.Check out the video link below to learn more about Ellie's amazing story!

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Reopening Sherwood

I know many of our students, staff, and families are excited about the prospect of returning to school in April. While I too am excited to welcome students back, I ask for your patience, as we carefully plan for this significant undertaking.

At this point in time we have been granted a waiver from the state for our Grade 5 students to return alongside our Grade 6 students. While we must return to school no later than April 28th, the district is currently exploring the option of returning sooner than that date.

Our ultimate goal with reopening Sherwood to in-person, 5 day a week learning is to maintain our existing schedule, routines, and team assignments for our students, and the strong positive connections they have formed with their teachers and classmates. Due to the variety of logistical challenges we face however, we cannot guarantee that this will occur. Please stay tuned for future updates regarding our reopening plans and how we plan to support students and families with this change.

English Learner Parent Advisory Council News

Dear English learner and former English learner parents & guardians,

English Language Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC) parent co-leaders recently launched a FaceBook (FB) account. This FaceBook site welcomes parent/guardian participation from families who currently have OR used to have a kindergarten through high school student(s) growing his/her/their English skills.

An informational flyer has been emailed and/or sent home with K-12 students currently receiving English language instruction and support. The same informational flyer is attached to this message too. Open it here.

ELPAC parent co-leader Ms. Kaori Sasaki wants to share that "there have been some difficulties approving requests to join this private group. If you have sent a request to join our FaceBook group and your request has not been approved yet, please resend the request. When you send a request, please be sure to answer the three questions about your child and agree with the rules. Thank you."

Week Two of Voluntary Covid Student Testing

Thanks to those students and families who participated in our free, voluntary COVID-19 testing program last week! The district has contracted with JCM Analytics to provide weekly surveillance testing for all interested students. We will continue with the same schedule this week.

Students that signed up for this week's testing will:

  • Receive testing kits in Homeroom on Monday (Cohort B) and Thursday (Cohort C).
  • Bring in and drop off completed testing kits to the gymnasium from 7:30-8:00am on Tuesday (Cohort B) and Friday (Cohort C).

Please see below for some of the details of the program and to sign up for future testing.

  • Completion of an informed consent form for each of your Sherwood Middle School students is required for participation. The consent form can be accessed by logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and clicking the “COVID Testing Consent'' link in the left-hand menu. This process should take no more than five minutes of your time. Consent forms must be completed by 5pm on Fridays n order to participate in the next weeks testing. Those who miss this deadline but wish to begin participating in the second week must also complete the consent form and can access it at any time. Within 2 business days of signing your consent form, you will receive a follow-up email with further instructions on how to create a unique QR code for your student.

  • All SMS students who are attending school in person are eligible to participate. Testing is not mandatory but is highly encouraged as it will provide us with valuable information about the prevalence of COVID in our school community. The more participation we have, the safer an environment we will create.

  • Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days are not eligible for testing due to the higher likelihood of a false positive test result.

  • Students in the fully remote cohort are not eligible for testing as the goal is to detect COVID prevalence in the in-school hybrid program.

  • The district is utilizing pooled testing. Pooled testing involves the collection of individual specimens which are then grouped and tested as a “pool” to allow for more economical testing of large numbers of people. If a pool results as negative, it is safe to presume that all participants in the pool are negative. If a pool results as positive, the existing individual samples will then be tested to determine who within the group is positive, there is no need for a second sample. These results are delivered to SPS within 48 hours, and only the individuals identified as positive will need to quarantine.

  • It is important to note that pooled testing is intended for people who do not have symptoms and are not known close contacts to a positive case. Anyone experiencing symptoms or known to be a close contact to a positive case must instead follow district protocols for quarantining and individual testing.

  • Test kits and instructions will be distributed to participating students in their homerooms, and will be collected the next day, between 7:30-8:00AM in the gymnasium.

  • Tests will be a self-administered shallow nasal swab, and the test should be done at home on the morning of collection day.

  • Specimens will be assigned to random pools and shipped to the lab for processing, and results will be available within 36-48 hours. You will be notified by a school nurse if your result is positive. You will not receive notification for a negative result (no news is good news!).

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Week One Fundraiser Raffle Winners

Power of Purpose Fundraiser Week One!!!

Thanks to all of those students and families who participated in the Power of Purpose (POP!) fundraiser this week.

This is a two-week fundraising experience that began this past Wednesday, March 17th. Students are still eligible to win some really cool prizes depending on how much money they are able to collect. Students that participated this week will receive automatic prizes in homeroom next week. Stay tuned for more information!

Please know that a donation, no matter how large or small, puts us one step closer to our goal.

And while we realize that some friends and family might be donating a little less this year, that's ok because EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students!


During February & March the SMS PTO will be doing Team Shout Outs to recognize all 29 teams at both Sherwood and Oak. We want to include quotes from students highlighting what makes their teachers and team so awesome!
Please have your student(s) help complete this form to add their own team highlights and shout outs to this fun event.

Thank you!

From the Main Office


Attendance is taken every morning during Morning Meeting. Please make sure your child is present and ready to go by 8:00am. Thank you!

Student Absence

Any child, regardless of hybrid or remote learning program, must inform the office if their child will be absent or late to school. SPS requires that you telephone us either the night before or first thing in the morning on the day of the child’s absence at 508-841-8690. If we have not received a call to report an absence, the school will be in contact with the parent to confirm the child’s safety.

Technology Support

If students or families are having trouble with Schoology or Zoom, you can get tech support at Please remember that Team teachers are not immediately available for this support as they have students in class.

If students or families have other questions or concerns abut technology please go to this link: Frequently Asked Questions about Technology. This link includes parent access for Schoology; password help; school email help, broken iPad, and more!

District News

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Virtual Art Show

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Please join the Visual Arts Department in viewing works from our amazing artists in grades K-12 from the first part of the school year. We will show the works of our artists from the second half of the school year in June. Enjoy! Special thanks to Sherwood's Art Teachers Mr. Chad Gray and Ms. Dierdre Kunar for inspiring our students!

2021 Visual Art, K-12 Winter Virtual Art Show

Thank you and enjoy!

Lasagna Love

America’s dinner tables have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and food insecurity among children has skyrocketed. These concerns are further compounded by shifting home and work priorities often heavily shouldered by the heads of households.

Lasagna Love is a nationwide grassroots movement of kindness that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery.

You may have heard about Lasagna Love recently on TV. It is a group of civic-minded neighbors pitching in to provide a free homemade lasagna dinner to anyone in need. Whether it's lost income, staying home because of the pandemic, or just too much stress and anxiety in your life, you can request a free meal made by a caring person in your neighborhood. One meal isn’t going to change the world, but it’s a nice way to change your day.

To request a free meal, please follow the simple directions at

We would like to help with a meal to take some of the pressure off. One meal isn’t going to change the world, but it may change someone’s day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

ALL DELIVERIES ARE CONTACT FREE, completely confidential, and delivered to your door.Lasagna Love is a movement of kindness that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. These are challenging times for everyone, and we would like to help with a meal to take some of the pressure off. To request a free meal, please follow the directions at

Click HERE to learn more about Lasagna Love

The media centers across the district are excited to share that we now have a K-12 subscription to an iPad app called SORA that provides access to ebooks and audiobooks that students can read or listen to on their iPads. SORA enables users to borrow up to 3 books at a time. Users can also place holds on an additional 3 books at a time.

Here is a video overview of SORA.

Here is the link to a step-by-step tutorial that explains how to get started using SORA on your child's iPad:

Meal Access: Remote Learners & Hybrid Students on “At-Home” Learning Days

Students who have opted for remote learning and hybrid students on their “at-home learning days” may pick-up meals at Shrewsbury High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-11am at the main driveway. Please contact Beth Nichols at if you need meals delivered.

Meal Access: Snow Days and Delays

  • Snow Days If there is no School on a Tuesday, due to inclement weather, meal pick up will be on Wednesday ,same time ,10-11 and place ,main driveway at the High School. Meal Deliveries will be on Wednesday ,the same time 10-11. If there is no School on a Thursday due to inclement weather, meal pick up will be on Friday ,same time ,10-11 and place ,main driveway at the High School. Meal Deliveries will be on Friday, the same time,10-11.

  • Delays If there is a 1 hour delay on a Tuesday or a Thursday, Meal pick up will be 11-12 at the main driveway of the High School. Meal delivery will be 11-12.If there is a 2 hour delay on a Tuesday or a Thursday, Meal pick up will be 12-1 at the main driveway of the High School. Meal delivery will be 12-1.
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All adults with a child enrolled at SPS are welcome to attend.

No registration needed; use this link to join our Zoom meeting.

1st Monday of the Month, 7:30 - 8:15pm

December 7 | January 4 | February 1 | March 1 April 5 | May 3 | June 7

1st Thursday of the Month, 12:15 - 1pm

December 3 | January 7 | February 4 | March 4 April 1 | May 6 | June 3


Sherwood Middle School

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