Mystical Magic 1 and 2 games launch

Free games avalible on Pc and Xbox

Mystical Magic Games Launch

Thursday, April 25th, 11-11:30am

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay

Come to the Mysical Magic games 1 and 2 games launch. You will be able to test the games before you get. But wait... you don't have to pay both games are totally FREE!

Game launch coming soon!

The latest upcoming games of the century are arriving on your PC and Xbox soon. This is the launch of Mystical Magic games 1 and 2. They are being released first exclusivly at this launch on Monkseaton Drive, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.

Things taking place in the launch!

First, the game creators explaining the two mysical magic games.

Then, the games will be set up and people will be allowed to view the games and play them.

Finally, everyone will be given a free code to unlock some exclusive special features that are only avalible to get on the launch date!

So, come along grab yourself some freebies and come and test the next games of the century Mystical Magic Game 1 and 2!

Come to the game launch of the century!!!