Desert Survival Plan

By: Adalie Wendel

How to survive a plain Crash!

These are some easy steps to survive a plain crash, These are the steps I did and I survived.


Just try your hardest to get water!

You always need food and a drink to survive. If you don't have food or a drink than you wont survive. Here are some options so you do survive.

Above are food and drinks you can use to survive.

How to eat from a cactus:

1. You cut off the top of the cactus

2. Then after that you skin the sides of the cactus.

3. The cactus meat might be kind of like a sticky cucumber.

4. But don't eat or drink the core, its stringy

5. But if you eat/ drink the cactus water on the inside it will make you sick

6.So, take a bandana or a piece of clothing and wrap the cactus meat in it

7.Squeeze the cactus meat until all the extra cactus water comes out.


Its hard to build a shelter in the desert but my advise is, after the fire (if there is any) on the plain. Take the parts and build a fort. Be sure to make it to where it doesnt fall on you.