Kingdom News

Mrs. King's First Grade Class

Class Meeting Notes

Today we had a class meeting about some issues we are having with some students being unkind to their classmates or putting their hands on others. I feel strongly that EVERY CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO BE PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY SAFE AT SCHOOL! The children came up with a plan for dealing with these issues and they chose consequences that they felt would be fair.

If someone is bothering you (saying unkind things or putting their hands on you):
1. Tell them to stop.
2. Give 1 reminder, if necessary.
3. Tell a teacher.

*Teacher will contact the parents.
*Student will miss recess time.
*Or they will miss fun activity (if after recess time)

I do not believe that any child in our class is a bully or is willfully unkind. They are still learning appropriate ways to interact, to engage with others or to express feelings of frustration. That said, when they hurt others there will be consequences combined with those teaching moments in the follow-up.


Interim Reports

We are no longer sending home interim reports for elementary students. At any time, if you have questions about how your child is doing in school, you can contact me and/or look at your child's grades on PowerSchool. If you need a log in to see your child's grades, contact the office.