We are going to the win the war!

new weapons that will help us win the war

New weapons in the war

Breaking news! the army has just gave us information about the new weapons they are going to use to help win the war. One of the weapons they will use is a cannon there is a lot of them that will be used but they only told us two of them that will be used cotner claims that, 24 pounder howitzer and the 10 pounder parrot rifle these will help out a lot because they can take out big groups of enemies. Bilby confirms that, Some rifles that they are going to use is the springfield rifle,the smith carbine,the lorenz rifle, and the spencer repeating rifle. Bilby states that, Some new pistoles that are going to be used are clot model and the star revolver. Some sabers and swords that they are going to use are the foot artillery sword, the cavalry sword, and the dragoon saber these swords will help out in close combat. All of these weapons will be used in the civil war and help us win.