Edgewood's Tiger Talk

October 2017

Principal's Update

One of the hot terms in the education world today is "21st Century Learning." What can we do to best prepare our students for an unknown future? Jobs people have today--like "Social Media Developer" and "Network Security Engineer"--didn't exist 10 years ago. With the current rate of change, we can't clearly predict what jobs will be in demand when our students are ready for the workforce.

Substantial research has been done, however, to identify the skills that transcend occupation. What are those skills that make people successful across careers, and in dealing with new technologies and realities? These are what we call "21st Century Learning Skills." Two of these skills are communication and collaboration. Regardless of your field, it's critical that you're able to actively listen to others, articulate your thoughts clearly, and work productively with others.

With this in mind, one of our school goals this year is that all students will have daily opportunities to communicate ideas, emotions, opinions, conclusions, generalizations, and relationships. To do this, we work on setting up student-student conversations that encourage all students to respond, speak clearly, and talk about content. We know that when we talk about what we think and what we know, we deepen our learning. Talking (on topic, that is) makes us smarter.

How might you support this at home? Talk about current events. Who do they think should be president? Why do they think that? Push them to answer with more than "because", or "I don't know." When your child asks a question, like "Why do I have to eat this?" or "Why do bees sting?", say, "What do you think?" rather than answering the question yourself. Conversations like these help kids to take ownership over their thinking and build independent thinking skills.

We're looking forward to seeing how this focus on 21st Century Learning will both better prepare our students for their future, and improve their current achievement. Two birds, one stone!

Soup Labels!

We have recently learned that this will be the last year that Campbell will be running the Labels for Education program. They will be phasing out the program after next August. We will continue to collect these labels through the school year and make our last submission in June. Please keep saving and sending them in!!! Our efforts have paid off. We recently got a $50 VISA gift card that will be used to buy extra clothes for our health room.

Guidance Update from Mrs. Michlig

Our Peer Mediation program is up and running. Trained 5th graders are now on the 1st and 2nd grade playgrounds assisting with small and medium size problems. Through this the older students gain conflict resolution and leadership skills. The younger children get extra assistance and seem to really enjoy having their older peers on their playgrounds. This is another example of fostering a positive school community.

My first monthly visit to the K4 classroom included a visit to my office. The entire class came down for a quick peek to learn about the role of the school counselor. We then went back to class for a story and song about sharing.

Art Update from Ms. Nolan

  • Artists in 1st-3rd grades are observing the beauty of Autumn Mum flowers. We discovered that there are hundreds of petals and rich colors like yellow, brown, dark purple, dark red, orange, and even white. Some classes are drawing gorgeous mums in a variety of techniques using crayons, colored paper, oil pastels and more.
  • K5 students are drawing their 1st self-portraits. They notice beautiful skin tones, eye color, and different hair color.

  • 4th Grade is learning about Realism and viewing sunflowers to draw realistic colored pictures.

  • 5th Grade is focusing on using Elements and Principles of Design using their name as an focal design element and incorporating pattern, repetition, unity, line, shape, color, movement, balance and rhythm.

Physical Education with Mr. Warnecke

In PE the 3rd-5th grade will be focusing on team-building activities, along with starting soccer. K-2 will be learning about spacial awareness through locomotor activities such as skipping and jumping. We will also be be starting throwing and catching using various types of balls. (Football, foam balls, etc.)

Student Climate Survey

As part of our work towards becoming a School of Character, we're completing a student climate survey. Questions address students feelings of safety and community, and relationships with teachers and peers at school. Strong relationships are the foundation of meaningful learning. The survey will be completed at school, and will help us to identify strengths and areas for improvement. This year, we'll complete the survey in October and May.

Traffic Lights at Layton and 47th

Did you know that there is a "no turn on red" sign when you're turning right onto 47th from Layton? There are a few signs on the post, and we've noticed that many are missing it. Thank you for helping to keep our pedestrians safe.

Parent University

The School District has designed a set of classes (most just meet one) on a variety of topics--from math strategies to Zumba with your kids. Check out the course catalog here: http://www.greenfield.k12.wi.us/Portals/Greenfield/District/docs/Community%20Relations/Parent%20University%20Course%20Catalog%20-%20Fall%202016%20revised.pdf.

Upcoming Dates

10/7--Parent Coffee, 8-8:30 in the Library--Learn about how multiplication facts are taught now

10/7--Assembly Day--Wear Gray Shirts!

10/11--Author Visit, Grades K-2

10/11--EHSA Meeting, 6:30pm in the Media Center

10/21--Assembly Day--Wear Gray Shirts!

10/21--EHSA Halloween Dance, 6-8pm

10/26--Picture Retake Day

10/28--No School for Students--Staff Development Day

11/3--Early Release (1:26) for Parent-Teacher Conferences