Marooned in 4th Grade

September 10th-14th

A Look At Our Week

  • Reading & Spelling--The Power of W.O.W --Vocab, Comprehension and Spelling test on Friday. Listen to the Story HERE

  • Math--We will be reviewing rounding, adding, and subtracting numbers.Chapter 1 Test on Thursday

  • Science--Plant Function and Structure

  • Language--Sentence Punctuation, Subjects, and Predicates

Homecoming Week

Monday--Pajama Day

Tuesday--Red, White, and Blue Day

Wednesday--Dress Nice--School Picture Day

Thursday--Mix Match and Crazy Hair

Friday--Black and Gold

We will walk to the homecoming parade on Friday.

Reminders/Mark Your Calendar

  • AR has started. 1st quarter AR goals must be met by the end of the school day on October 12th.

  • September 12th--School Pics
  • September 14th--Homecoming Parade
  • September 24th-29th--Delta Fair
  • September 27th--No School

Spelling and Vocabulary Words


block, shown, oatmeal, wrote, fellow, scold, coast, odd, locate, slope, throat, host, online, shock, solve, known, remote, stock, boast, globe, bonus, approach, motion, continent, accomplish


innocent--blameless or with good intentions

speculated--guessed or thought over ideas

suspect--someone who may have committed a crime

scheme--a secret, clever plan

burglaries--crimes that involve stealing

regretfully--felling sorry or sad

assist--help or lend a hand

favor--an act of kindness or a good deed

prior--before or earlier

misjudged--was wrong about someone or something