iPads Create Learning in School!

Student Frenzy of Fun While Learning

Parents Voice Concern over Use of iPads in the Classroom

Parents are upset that students are using iPads in school. "My son is excited about his math. He is having too much fun using the iPad," voiced one concerned parent. "What is the teacher doing? She should be at the front of the class teaching," complained another.

Why iPad?

With iPad in my classroom, my materials go way beyond the classroom. There are apps just for education, interactive books on every subject, speeches, virtual tours, and videos from experts and institutions around the world. Everyone learns differently. With just a few taps, I can customize my students’ iPad with materials that fit their level and learning style.

For example, I could set up a learning path with IXL on the ipad. When the students get to the technology station, they could work on their learning path.

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