Logic Gates



Logic gates are used to direct power through the anything electrical. A basic example of logic gates is light switches. light switches use logic gates if there are more than one switch to one bulb. If this was the case then you would need an exor gate, this means if one is on then the light is on but if two are on then the light isn't this means you can turn a light on at the bottom of the stairs then go up and turn it of. There are many types of gates but the main ones are AND gates, Not gates and OR gates. And gates require both power sources to be on at once for the device to turn on an example of this, if your in a prison at the gate they would many switches that have to be pressed at once to open the gates. Not gates require the power source to be on to stop it from poewr the source an example of this is if you have a kettle it will get to a certain tempreature and then send a current to tell it to switch off. OR gates can have either power source to be on to turn on the device an example of this is in TV's you have one power switch on the TV and in the remote.

NOT gate

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AND gate

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OR gate

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