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Art in the Garden via ZOOM
Invite a family member(s) or friend(s) to join you for creativity, nature and community through an outdoor (plein-air) guided watercolor class as we also celebrate Mother's Day! Wear your favorite Mother's Day hat and enjoy the simplicities of life! Explore an art-FULL experience with Artist and Coach Annelies M. Gentile of Conduit for Change for Art in the Garden.

Art in the Garden is where life and learning merge with nature and creativity. Learn basic painting techniques while you also learn about the creative process and how it relates to life, stress-reduction and resiliency. Connect with yourself, each other and the natural world.

We'll meet via ZOOM. There's 4 classes to choose from! See what's new in the garden, meet new faces and create with us! All levels of experience and ages are welcome! Use your own art supplies, buy our suggested supplies kit or rent ours (participating vendor only).

WellFed Community Garden (painting rental kits available for rent for $5*)

* $5 painting rental kit available for Triangle residents only. Pay $30 deposit in cash, return kit and get $25 back.

Joslin Gardens

A little (or a lot) intimidated by creativity? Don't be, come as you are. Allow the magic of the moment to take you on a journey that will feed your heart and soul! Seasoned artists & curious creatives welcome!


I've crafted a supplies list of exactly what I'll use in this class. You are welcome to purchase the same things, use your own or rent our kits (from participating vendor only).

You will need...

You'll also need...

  • Clear jar with clean water
  • paper towel or rag
  • Vase of flowers from your own yard or paint from pictures I share from the garden.
  • Mother's day hat! (optional)

Have an iPad? Try digital painting! Personally, I LOVE drawing on my iPad and highly suggest exploring this if you're into digital media. It's portable, non-polluting and super easy! Give digital painting a try!

To paint digitally, you will need...

  • One iPad and make sure your iPad is fully charged.
  • You'll need to download a drawing or painting application before you show up. I suggest either Bamboo Paper or Paper 53. Both great and simple drawing apps.
  • I also suggest a digital STYLUS brush (Amazon link), if you prefer. (I use only my fingers to paint)

See you in the Garden!

About Annelies, the Process Artist

Annelies has been inspiring people through creativity for nearly 30 years and considers herself a Process Artist. Her education includes master's degree in coaching, graduate studies in transformative leadership, conflict resolution/peacebuilding, creative process and around-the-world learning from traveling to most US states and 22 countries and counting!

Annelies is also the author of From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out and an ICF certified life and leadership coach, speaker, facilitator and CEO of Conduit for Change, LLC.

Talents abound, she's worked with varied mediums from copper to photography, to plaster and paint, and to hair and make-up on Broadway. Her art is as dynamic and inspiring as Annelies herself and has been featured in multiple gallery shows and businesses including the Fearrington Village, Visual Art Exchange, Bickett Gallery, Neomonde, Tasca Brava and the UAE Embassy. Her most recent painting series, called Fractal Touchables, is only painted live and when dry, is used to help her clients (executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition) to problem-solve from a creative perspective. It was last shown on Fayetteville Street's Express Library and used for a resiliency training for Wake County Employees. Her art has evolved as she has throughout the years. Feel free to view her creative breadth from her personal website

Today, Annelies' art-making is more about helping people process life verses creating a product. She helps them realize that creativity can be a powerful tool for processing life and to problem-solve. It's a sneaky "vegetable" benefit to learning from Annelies!

She lives in Raleigh with her sweetie Greg Whitt of Drum for Change . Her favorite daily medicine is nature and her secret-sauce to success is compassion.

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