Community Resources & Organizations

Fall 2020

These organizations have volunteered to place their names on this list. They have no affiliation with the Madison County School System. They have no affiliation with the Madison County School System.
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Madison Cross Roads Community Center

Madison Cross Roads Community Center is open for students needing wi-fi access or printing services. Students will have access to a desk/work area if needed. Visit the link above for hours of operation.

Christmas Assistance

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Toys for Tots Information

*Late registration for the 2020 Toys For Tots Season will begin October 26th through October 30th from 8:00 A.M to 12:00 PM. Please ensure that only one person per household shows up with all the proper documentation and a mask to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID 19. Location is 100 Research Blvd, Madison, AL 35758

Registro para 2020 Toys For Tots comenzara en Octubre 26 hasta Octubre 30 desde las 8:00 AM hasta las 12:00 PM. Por favor asegure que solo una persona de su familia valla con todos los documentos necesarios. Una mascara es obligatorio para todas personas para minimar el riesgo de COVID-19. Ubicacion/locación es
100 Research Blvd, Madison, AL 35758

Required Documentation for all sites:

1. ID - Drivers License, passport, Military ID or Immigration ID

2. Social Security Cards - physical card for children and adult registering children letter

3. Proof of guardianship - Birth certificate, court documents showing custody (for each child)

4. Proof of residence - phone bill, electric bill,lease

5. Proof of Income - pay check, EBT(paper stating amount paid), social security benefits letter

Ages for sign up 0 - 15

All documentation must be originals. Photo copies will not be accepted.

You may only apply for assistance with one resource/agency for Christmas gifts, applying through multiple agencies will result in denial of assistance.

256-513-9419 or 256-693-9590

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Bradford KinderCare

Click here for more information

If your child needs support during this atypical school year, our program for kids in grades K-6 is here for you! We partner with local schools to complement the learning they offer with our own robust curriculum for elementary schoolers including project-based STEM learning activities, art, outdoor play, homework support, and more.

We’ve built three key components into our program to take extra-special care of the hearts and minds of every student as we navigate the pandemic:

Kids are social creatures! This long stretch of isolation can stir up big feelings, and kids need dedicated space and help from grown-ups to process. We’ll spend time each day, checking in and building community, trust, and connection with one another. We support a positive, anti-bias classroom culture through student-centered class meetings, social-emotional learning activities, and daily mindfulness practice.


Kids love learning, even more, when they can choose what they’re learning about! We’ve all experienced a huge loss of control this year—but in our classrooms, children have choices! Our student-led learning approach allows big kids to make decisions, explore personal interests, and share feedback with their peers. This school year, we’re helping students define their own projects to build resilience through five themes: problem-solving, optimism, empathy, growth mindset, and creativity.


Our teachers understand that every family will manage their children’s learning needs in a way that works best for them—and no two families are the same. Flexibility is built into our program, so you can get the support you need when you need it. The program we’re offering at our center is a full day.

To prioritize safety, we use a small-group Pod structure to keep kids with the same group of peers and educators every day. Of course, there’s much more we’re doing to protect our community, and I invite you to learn more about the industry-leading health and safety practices that make our center one of the safest places your child can be.

If you have any questions about our big-kid program, how we’re keeping families safe, or if you’re ready to enroll for the new school year, I’d be happy to help! Just reply to this email or give
me a call.

Le'Ventria Sims-Parks M.Ed

School Director


GracePoint School

GracePointe School

GracePointe School Time Supervision

Winchester Road, New Market AL 35761

Overview: We would like to provide child care during school hours (8:00am - 3:00 pm) for our community. We are able to accommodate 15 children on Monday and Wednesday beginning August 25th.

  • 1st - 3rd graders will attend on Mondays

  • 4th - 5th graders will attend on Wednesdays

Children will be able to bring their computer (headphones required) and complete their schoolwork independently in a safe, supervised environment. Masks will not be required but are welcomed if parents choose. Social distancing will be observed as much as possible and temperatures will be checked upon arrival. Children or volunteers who have had any symptoms of illness within the past 72 hours should not attend. Unfortunately, we cannot accept children with special needs.

Single parent homes and families with more than two children will be given priority. Apply by going to this link. All applications must be completed by August 20th and families will be notified by August 22nd.

Cash or check payment will be accepted upon arrival the first day. Cost will be $10 per child, per day. $8 for 2nd and 3rd child. Snacks shall be provided by parent. Lunch will be provided by the school at regular Madison County Schools cost. Free and reduced lunches will remain free and reduced.

A tentative schedule for the day:

  • 8:00 - 8:30 - arrival and low volume visiting in your space

  • 8:30 - 10:00 - school work

  • 10:00 - 10:30 - snack and outside time

  • 10:30 - 11:30 - school work

  • 11:30 - 12:00 - movement and music

  • 12:00 - 12:30 - lunch and social time

  • 12:30 - 2:00 - school work or reading time

  • 2:00 - 3:00 - movie or art

Pick up time is 3:00. A late fee of $5 will be applied if someone is more than 10 minutes late.

Behavior Agreement:

  • Children will sign in upon arrival and receive name tags to be worn on their chest or back.

  • Children will be respectful to adults and children; there will be no rude talk or behavior tolerated.

  • Children will listen and obey when instructed by an adult.

  • Children will stay in the assigned area and ask permission before going to restrooms.

  • Children will follow the schedule and work quietly without interrupting others.

  • Excessive or loud talking, horseplay, crude or profane language will not be tolerated.

  • When children do not follow the above guidelines, they will be given a warning and a time out. Upon the third offense, the child will not be allowed to return.

Please check “yes” on the form that addresses the behavior agreement.

Our goal is to be a ministry to families that really need help and support during these unusual days. There are many families who are struggling during this time but we can only help so many. Our program will run from August 24th - October 23rd (off for the week of Fall Break).

Link to Application

Youth Development Association

Click here for more information

Youth Development Association, Inc


After School Care/Sports Camps

One-on-One Tutoring and Mentoring

: 145 Kyser Blvd. STE A, Madison, AL 35758

Contact: Al Garrett


Phone: 256.603.0887

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 3:30 PM- 7:00 PM

North Hills Early Childhood Center


After School Care

: 11319 Highway 231/431 North, Meridianville, AL 35759

Contact: Donna Hyde


Phone: 256.714.9273

Hours of Operation: 6:30 AM- 6:00 PM

Elyon's School of Dance and Performing Arts


We are a faith based dance studio providing a safe place for students to engage their virtual school training and offer arts education through dance, core fitness, and performing arts training.

Address: 299 Bolling Road, Meridianville, AL 35759

Contact: Ariel Foster


Phone: 225.733.7730

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 4 PM-9:00PM

Monday, Wednesday: 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM (with early drop-off at 8 AM)


Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM-2:00 PM (Academics & Arts $75/weekly)
*Bag Lunch and Snack Required
Legacy Center

Click here for website

The Legacy Center


Arts Based Distance/Virtual Learning Support Program beginning August 17, 2020.

: 2212 Jordan Lane SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

Contact: Chanda Crutcher


Phone: 256.777.4224

Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM


We will have to limit space to the first 40 for safe physical distancing. The program is $65/week with a $40 registration fee.

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Hope Learning Academy

Click here for website

Hope Learning Academy


Onsite learning program for grades K-6

August 17- October 29, 2020

1111 Pulaski Pike


Phone: 256.534.8780

Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 7:00 AM- 2:30 PM

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Huntsville STEAM works

Click here for website

Huntsville STEAM World

Childcare full and half-day; 9 week and full semester

: 608 Four Mile Post Rd.



Phone: 256.489.0610

The Matrix Virtual School Day Camp


K-6 Day Camp with instruction assistance and activities

: 3228 Leeman Ferry Road

Phone: 256.533.5599

Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00 AM-3:00 PM


See Flyer Below

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Arsenal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Learning Pods


Arsenal BJJ is offering learning pods for the first 9 weeks of school to support virtual learning and homeschool families. The 3-hour pods are offered twice a day and will be a combination of unconventional study hall with physical activity, presentations, movies and games. The pods will be supervised by a teacher’s aide and learners can do their work independently or collaborate with others. A unique group activity will be led by a physical education coach once a week in each pod, we're planning yoga, capoeira and hacky-sack for starters.

Ages 9-14

Address: 2801 Governors Drive

Phone: 256.384.5715

Hours of Operation: Proposed schedule (may change based on demand):

AM Pods 9am-12pm: Monday & Wednesday; Tuesday & Thursday; Friday

PM Pods 1pm-4pm: Monday & Wednesday; Tuesday & Thursday; Friday

UAH Learning Center/RISE Program


Childcare- 5 & 6 year olds only

Address: 301 Sparkman Drive, ELC 115, Huntsville AL 35899

Physical Address (Driving Directions): The UAH Early Learning Center

4503 University Dr NW
Huntsville AL 35816


Phone: 256.824.4760

The Learning Team at Ashlee Grove & Associates

Click here for Virtual Academic Support information

The Learning Team at Ashlee Grove & Associates


The Learning Team is here to help overcome barriers to learning success in the virtual environment.

We provide engaging, supportive, and meaningful assistance to ensure students and parents are equipped with effective strategies to improve virtual learning.

We help you to close the gap as you embark on a new learning adventure. You are not alone; become a part of our team.

The Learning Team’s Virtual Academy:

Families create a co-op (or pod) of three to six student-peers. We are flexible with helping families form their pods.

Services will be provided for the co-op group and individual members, as displayed below.

NOTE: Rates are per month/per student. A five-month commitment is required (August – December).

Address: 2317 Market Place SW

Phone: 256.924.6028


Click here to learn more about KOLLIDE


Schedule a free consult to learn more about our in-home academic support.

Sonia, here - mom to two awesome dudes, entrepreneur, and founder of KOLLIDE.

As a mom, I obsess over finding joy every single day. In fact, the guiding principle to starting KOLLIDE is to help us find joy in educating our children safely at home.

Thank you. Joining our wait list cements your place among like-minded parents who want to make the best out of challenging current events. KOLLIDE’s in-home academic support service is designed to support parents by managing the academic workload. Our team consists of teachers, teacher aides, special education aides, and substitute teachers who are background checked, insured, and trained to educate our children.

See what questions people are asking. Check out our FAQ page for answers to some of the most common questions that parents have regarding KOLLIDE's in-home academic support including why KOLLIDE? Here's the short answer...

  • Tutoring, test prep, and K-12 staffing experience
  • Trusted partner - Spur Staffing
  • Protection with required & recommended insurance + workers comp insurance
  • Future features & functionality to build a meaningful & engaged community of like-minded parents including COVID-19 safe social activities & field trips, virtual offerings, scholarships, and more.

Academic support plans and prices:

We realize each family's situation is unique. Depending on the level of academic support you need, we want to talk to you about your ideal in-home plan. That is why we have not published plans or prices. Your feedback is part of our early-stage "voice of customer" research.

Our process:

Step 1: Complete our in-home academic support form to provide us with initial information about you and your child(ren) academic support needs.

Complete Academic Support Form

Step 2: Schedule a free 45-minute consult with KOLLIDE. During this conversation we will discuss your goals, objectives, and the academic needs of your child(ren). The form you complete will provide us with initial details to help guide this conversation. We will also discuss your ideas on how we make KOLLIDE the best solution for you including price, plans, and process.

Schedule 45-minute Consult

Step 3: Join KOLLIDE for in-home academic support. Yeah, we will share pricing first!

  • Enrollment will open August 10.
  • In-home services will begin August 17.

Step 4: Begin working with KOLLIDE's team of academic coaches in the comfort of your own home, while practicing COVID-19 safety guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and our Governor's office.

We're looking forward to chatting with you soon. Until then, stay healthy and happy out there.



P.S. We're figuring this out together. The industry calls you "early adopters," but at KOLLIDE you are "shapers" involved in helping us build an incredible resource for parents. Thank you!

Ninja Obstacle Academy

Click here to learn more

Day Camp at Ninja Obstacle Academy

School is not going back in person... That means no PE, more screen time, and more kids at home bored.

➡Because of this, we decided to reach out to you today to see if you would have any interest in sending your kiddos to us for a few hours a day to get some exercise and have some fun! AND arts and crafts, and games, etc... LOTS OF FUN!

Essentially a half day camp.


  • This is not a tutoring session
  • This is not school work time
  • This is Ninja time where we will help your kids get in great shape, have a LOT of fun - in a safe and clean environment.

Here are a few more things you need to know:

  1. We will only be able to offer this in the morning time from 8:00 am to 11:30 am. We already have classes scheduled each day starting at 12 noon.

  2. We are planning on offering this at $150 for a full week, Monday-Friday. This will be a flat rate.

  3. This is about $100 cheaper than our traditional day camp options in the summer. We are offering this lower to help allow more families to be able to afford it.

If you have any interest, please fill out this brief form below:

Thank you so much and from our family to yours, we wish you peace and health during these troubling times.

Melissa Moore, GM & Co-Owner
Ninja Obstacle Academy

Consulting for Seniors

Graduation Planning Consultant


I have four years experience as a school counselor. I'm offering my consulting services to seniors for free this school year.

Child Care weekdays after 4:00 PM

: Huntsville, AL

Contact: Audrey Smith


Phone: 256.933.3009