The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Dreams in Real Life is Possible, and So are Nightmares

There are some breathtaking places on this earth that some people don’t know about. Some people aren't aware just how magnificent a place on Earth can get. How beautiful a view can be. People, as well as paradise, aren't aware that some places on this Earth can be extremely deadly. Deadly for humans, buildings, for animals, deadly for anything in an Earthquakes path. Deadly for anything within miles of a volcanic eruption. Miles away, or miles into the air. Deadly, or serenic, or maybe both, there are some pretty extraordinary locations on this Planet.

Japan, A Wonderful Place

Japan is very famous for its unique culture and arts, jaw dropping temples, and differently styled modern city life, But Japan’s natural beauty equals its cultural brilliance. The healthy, fun, and tasty food is definitely a plus. It may be easier getting a job in Japan, especially a teacher. Japan is always willing to learn more English. Getting around in the great cities of Japan isn't what you would call a hassle either. The trains and subways are extremely convenient, accurate and make getting around much more simple.

The Cause of Destruction

Knowing how great Japan is, how beautiful, and how efficient it can be, it really isn't a safe country. The island sits on the Eurasian tectonics. Japan isn't just located in the middle, it sits close to three other different plates all together. This includes the Philippine and Pacific plates. Because the Eurasian boundaries are convergent boundaries, (oceanic plate and continental plate) it is extremely dangerous. The oceanic plate is placed so it slides right under the continental plate, causing major earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. If this isn't letting you know what these disasters are capable of doing, an underwater volcano has been erupting since November. It’s creating an island, and since it started in November, it is now 30 times the size it was, and is still growing.

Japan, A Dangerous Place

Japan would be a very nice place to live,but picking the correct and safe location could possibly be a tough decision to make. Japan is a very, very dangerous place to live. The plates make sure of that. Considering how small Japan is land wise, and how large the population is, it is more than really dense. And taking into consideration that volcanoes erupt massively around once every century and that earthquakes occur once every three years, it wouldn't be the wisest choice in the world on living there. The damage done in the past by the horrifying beasts we call natural, have costed up 309 billion dollars. So if moving to Japan or maybe going there to visit or on vacation is in the futuristic plans, I advise taking these facts into account before getting on the way. To summarize it all up, Japan is beautiful, healthy, and a great place to live, but it isn't safe there. It is one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

Why Live in Ecuador

Welcome to Ecuador where temperatures stay around a comfortable 75 degrees year-round. It’s not burning hot. The air isn't dry, and it’s not swarming with mosquitoes. At night It’s a nice temperature of 50-55 degrees. So you can build a fire for ambiance. On the coast it is warmer but not humid like a Florida beach in the summer. Surrounded by Volcanic peaks that can be as high as 21,000 feet. Makes a perfect spot to sit on a patio and do your everyday routine, while basking in the lands beauty and amazing sun. Inside this nation just bigger than Nevada are 14 different ethnic groups side by side. Some still speaking the language of the Inca’s.

Ecuador's Tectonics

The Tectonic plates that effect Ecuador are the Nazca and South American Plates. How do Earthquakes happen? Earthquakes happen when two plates pushing against each other causing lots of friction but don't move. After a while of pushing together, the rock burst due to all the pressure it has built up. when the Rock’s break that's when the earthquake happens. During and after the earthquake the rocks keep moving until they get stuck again. Where the rock’s break’s it is called the focus. Directly above where the earthquake happens is called the Epicenter. So the Nazca plate and South American plates stick together and rub together and make a lot of friction which eventually would break and cause an earthquake. Rocks underground suddenly break along the fault. Which releases energy that causes the seismic waves, which makes the earth to shake.

Why is Ecuador Dangerous?

Ecuador is a land of Volcanoes and Geological faults So Ecuador does have earthquakes. Ecuador lies on the eastern rim of the seismically active area the pacific Ring of Fire. There has been around 37 earthquakes of a magnitude 7 or higher since 1541. Over 80,000 people have died by those earthquakes. Officials have said it is important to know the danger of living there. One of the six most powerful earthquakes was recorded in Ecuador. The Staggering 8.8 earthquake earned its spot on the top six list killing about 500 people. The greatest damage happened on the coast of Rio Verde killing 500 to 1,500 people. Volcanoes are also a big danger in Ecuador. Erupting 70 times in the past 3,000 years Tungurahua easily comes in 1st place for the most Active volcano in Ecuador. When erupted the Tungurahua shut down roads and affected about 10,000 people. Ecuador has a whopping 270 volcanoes 22 active. Another big earthquake was an 8.3 magnitude Earthquake killing 40,000 people and costing over $40 million dollars.

Why would anyone want to live in California?

California, California is a place full of fun, but why would anyone want to live in a place that gets earthquakes daily? Well the real question here is why wouldn't people want to live in California? It is located in North America. California is a wonderful place for family vacations. If people like places that are hot, have beaches, and resorts, California is the place to be. Hollywood, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Disney World are all located in California. The one place for having a wonderful time or a peaceful life is in California. The only problem is the monastery side effects that come along with it.

California`s Tectonics

Earthquakes, earthquakes are common in California. Its because California is so big and with being bigger it causes more activity. California has eleven geomorphic provinces that make up all that space. The are, Great Valley, Modoc Plateau, Sierra Nevada, Klamath mountains, Cascade Range, Transverse Ranges, Coast Ranges, Pennisular Ranges, Basin and Range, Mojave Desert, Colorado Desert. California also has two moving plates. The Pacific plate collides with the North American Plate. Which creates earthquakes along the sides. California also has a plate boundry that is transform called The San Andreas Fault. San Andres Fault makes up most of California, its what makes up most landscapes. The Tomales Bay is part of the San Andres Fault and people are there everyday with out any clue. The Crystal Springs Reservoir is also part of this zone creation. Isnt all that so cool, to think people dont even realize it and most people don`t even know that!

What Makes California Dangerous?

Dangerous, Dangerous is a point of cautiousness and awareness. The people that live, or vacation in California are aware of the danger among them. California is rated as the second dangerous place in America. It has earthquakes daily, no joke. The cost to replace everything is up to 46 million dollars. There has been almost 116778 deaths there, Which the population there is 38,04 million people. California may have a horrible history but it does serve a purpose of being a good place. The people don`t only know about the terrible thing that is among them, but they also know about the fun that is there also. California is a place of peace, joy and horrifying earthquakes!
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Why Would you want to live in Alaska!

Welcome To Talkeetna, Alaska where you'll find loads of fun outdoor activities , and beautiful scenery. Alaska has a ton of things to offer like fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, breath taking views, and several places to sled, boat of build a snowman. It’s proven that the majority of people that live in Alaska or come to Alaska are outside a lot which i can understand with all of the outdoor things you can do with your family. It’s true that if can get rather cold down there but the solution to that is wear good thick clothes. The main reason why people live here is. It’s away from all the rush and allows people to slowdown and have a good time with their family.

Important tectonic information about Alaska

Nearly All Earthquakes, and Volcanoes in Alaska are caused by it’s location. Alaska is in the middle of 2 plates the Pacific, and North American plates. Now with Alaska in the middle of those 2 plates collide and push each other under Alaska. But when there underneath Alaska they still have nowhere to go except up. That then make the the plates push up through Alaska breaking rocks which will cause earthquakes and volcanoes.

Wow You mean Alaska's Dangerous

Alaska is so dangerous do to it’s location because it’s location causes frequent earthquakes and volcanoes to happen. The average earthquake in Alaska causes 1000+ deaths and over 100,000 dollars in damage. The average Volcano in Alaska causes 5,000-15,000 deaths and 30,000,000 dollars in damage. Also a side note there are 90 volcano’s that have been active in the last 5,000 years in Alaska. Why these death makers are so frequent is because the North American, and Pacific plates push under and up through Alaska causing the breakage of rock which leads to earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Earth is a Place Full of Craziness

Knowing what is possible to happen in some locations of the world can definitely be scary. Extremely scary. Then again, knowing how beautiful a place can be, inside and out, is pretty amazing. After reading the text above, people may have a different perspective on how Earth can be. Tectonic plates can be deadly, but some locations are just too wonderful to worry about all that disaster. That is a hard decision to make, whether anyone would want to risk dying or not. Hopefully, people will take into account how dangerous some places can be. This planet can be so wonderful and breathtaking, but it can most definitely be deadly and terrifying at the same time.

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