University of Texas at Austin

"Disciplina praesidium civitatis"

Welcome to UT!

Welcome to the UT campus, home to 50,000 students and 24,000 staff members. We have students from every state and from 100 countries all over the world attending. Our school is ranked as one of the top in the U.S., and is considered to have an Ivy League level of education.

Other Facts About UT:

  • 5th largest academic library in the U.S
  • Holds over 10 million volumes
  • One of the top 10 research libraries in the nation

What it Takes to be a Longhorn

SAT scores, ACT scores, and GPA aren't given absolute standards. Instead, they are determined by merit factors such as: race, socioeconomic status (class), [add more] However, the average scores of students across UT are:

  • SAT: 1901
  • ACT: 29
  • GPA: At least 3.0

Most recently, 40% of 38,161 applicants were admitted as freshmen.

Once you become a Longhorn the costs of attending for in-state students are:

  • $9,790 for tuition
  • $750 for textbooks
  • $11,362 for dorm

Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music

How to Get In

All music majors are required to do a music audition in order to attend the Butler School of Music. (Requirements differ by instrument.)

For my instrument, the flute, the audition requirements are:


  • Mozart Concerto in G Major, expedition of first movement
  • Any complete piece from the book "Flute Music by French Composers" by Moyse


  • Mozart Concerto in G Major or D Major (first movement only)
  • Two contrasting works or movements from the standard solo repertoire
  • One etude
  • Two contrasting orchestral excerpts

*All excerpts must be unaccompanied.

Requirements for My Major: Music Composition

Music-Related Classes:

  • Principal Instrument Performance
  • Musicianship
  • Class Piano (1st/2nd semester)
  • Approved Ensemble
  • Structure of Tonal Music
  • Ear Training and Sight-Singing
  • History of Music I-III
  • Music Concentration

Core classes are required, and only one semester of foreign language is required.

WEIRDO- El Subjuntivo

W- Wishes, hopes
  • Mis padres esperen que yo pueda ganar muchas becas para que pague mis gastos.
  • Mi papa quiera que yo me hospede en el dormitorio.

E- Emotions

  • Estoy muy feliz que mi amiga se mude conmigo.
  • Estamos nerviosas que las clases sean muy dificil.


  • Es muy bueno que tu empeces las solitaciones por colegio.
  • Es muy mal que el no pague sus gastos.

R-Recommendations, requests

  • Mi maestro recomiende que yo visite el asesor.
  • Mis padres recomienden que yo estudie tiempo entero.

D- Doubts

  • No estoy seguro que el colegio vaya a acepteme.
  • Ella dude que el vaya al clase ahora.


  • Ojala que todos nosotros aceptan a la universidad.
  • Tal vez que ellos vayan a mi graduacion.