Hand-Spinning Yarn

Why? Because Ms VanderSon said so

The Start...

Make a leader: Tie a 76.2cm piece of yarn right above the edge of the whorl, the disk at the bottom of the spindle.

Tie a knot: Tie a knot at the top of the spindle where there is a slit.

Twirling: Twirl the spindle in a clockwise direction.

Then you...

Holding: Hold the end of the leader with one hand, hold the edge of the unspun fibers to the end of the leader without letting go. The fiber should start to look like yarn.

Winding: Wind the yarn you just spun onto the spindle shaft and keep going.

Repeat: Once you have a large amount yarn, wind it off onto another stick and repeat the process again.

Next you...

Taking and Putting: Take the second length of yarn off, put the two ends together.

Finally: Tie both ends of the yarn to the and begin to spinning the spindle anti-clockwise.

Guaranteed to be fun