Village and ECDC Family Newsletter

April 6, 2020

We miss you!

Here is a link to a very special video made by your student's teacher!

We miss you all terribly!

Distance Learning

We hope that your family is doing well during this unprecedented time. Our staff has been busy getting ready for the launch of distance learning on April 6th. You will receive an email before 8:00 am on Monday, with instructions and access to the upcoming week's assignments. If you have any questions after the links have been posted, please contact your child's teacher.


Before beginning the week, we highly encourage families setting up a schedule to help students accomplish their work. Depending on the grade, your daily schedule, it could look something like this:

8:00-9:00 Wake Up, Breakfast, check assignments for the day and organize assignments/create "To Do" lists

9:00 Math

10:00 Break/PE

10:45 Reading/Writing

12:00 Lunch and Break

12:30-1:30 Complete assignments not already completed and parent checks needed assignments/turn in assignments as needed.

1:30- Specials (Science/VAPA)

Rest of the Day: Take advantage of this family time. Engage in structured and unstructured family time, games, silent reading, family podcasts, etc.

It is important to note that your schedule will not mirror exactly what it looks like in the school day. In some cases,

What to Expect as a Parent during Distance Learning?

Some of our neighboring families have already started distance learning and have shared some helpful tips/reminders.

-Do your best to not get overwhelmed. Take a break, a step back and ask for help if needed.

-Remember that we are all learning this together and this is new for all of us.

-Take many breaks as needed.

-Students may take longer on assignments that usual. If you can't finish an assignment, don't panic. Contact the teacher for help, guidance and know that we will get this done in time.

-Students may ask many questions in the beginning, so be patience with them and yourself.

-Stay hydrated throughout the day.

A few articles for reference:

Teacher Office Hours

Each of our teachers has office hours set up. Please feel free to email the teacher at any time or check in during office hours to ask questions.

A Message from Village/ECDC PTO


This week as we roll out distance learning in our homes, I'm setting some goals for the week:

1. Today, before the information comes out, or one evening this week, I'm making a Technology Information Sheet that has all of the passwords, websites that we use, and preferred browsers/devices for each kid. If you are interested in a template, I'm happy to share whatever I end up making :) I find that when I'm processing a lot of new information, I need rote information to not to clog up brainpower.

2. As soon as I receive the information from teachers, I'm going to try to have an individual talk with each kid to make a plan together about what their teacher has assigned. I feel like getting the kids on board with the plan will be necessary because I only have so much energy for inspiring each new activity. I need them to be at least a little bit self-motivated.

3. We will have a family meeting about big picture ideas about how the week will look. We will discuss:

- times when we want to work,

- times when we want to run and play,

- how we can work together for housework and meals,

- times when we want alone time,

- fun project ideas for each person, and

- make a very flexible schedule for the week!

I think we could all benefit from some structure during this time.

4. Grace for myself and others. I'm going to remember that we are all new at this.

- I will write down on post-it notes the things that are driving me crazy.

- I'll remember that FaceTime playdates are good for all of the people, big and small.

- And sometimes when we are ready to throw in the towel, a walk around the block can work wonders.

Village PTO is here to help with ONLINE PLATFORMS for Connecting.

Village PTO has the focus this year of enhancing communication and building community. We have two great platforms for this purpose, and now, more than ever, I believe that our Village can come together. and our Village PTO Facebook page are live and great resources to help!

--> Please join the Village PTO and register your kids in their classes so that you can have communication with your class and share ideas.

Login on the app, register, and then use the Invitation code: L39A6R

We are limiting this site to only families enrolled at Village elementary and in an effort to keep this community safe, we are asking that all parents enroll their children in the appropriate classes.


There will be a PTO all-membership ZOOM meeting for next Wednesday 4/15 (details to come). Please think of ideas of how we as an organization can be helpful to the school community during this time.

Stay safe, we are in this together.


Maggie Pettit (Jonathan and Noah's mom)

Konstella-We have almost ALL PTO parents enrolled on Konstella!

Konstella is the new online place for everything happening at Village Elementary. Please log on and place your students in their classes, it takes less than 3 minutes!

Download today to avoid missing new information!

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