The Key to Perseverance

By: Kyle Sands


As the great actress Julia Andrews once said, “Perseverance is failing 19 times, and succeeding the 20th.” This quote can be used in people’s daily lives when we they can't quite reach our goal the first time trying. Perseverance is the act of continued effort to achieve a goal despite misfortune. All of these people had a strong conviction to accomplish their goal, no matter what stood in their way. Some may fail, but those people who try hard enough, will eventually succeed.

Cause and Effect

"Rising From the Rubble"

Francisco Bucio was an accomplished surgeon in Mexico. One day, a devastating earthquake struck the town in which he lived. While in the top level of the building, Francisco rushed down, but right then, debris from the building came down, trapping him and pinning down his right hand. Frightened, Bucio was trapped for a total of four days. His family did not want to ruin his career as a surgeon, so the process to dig him out took six hours. The process took so long because they did not want to amputate his dominant hand. After the rescue team dug Francisco out of the rubble, he was rushed to the hospital. While there, Bucio had to have four of his fingers amputated, leaving only his thumb. The surgeon also amputated two of Francisco's toes, and attached them on his hand. This process was devastating to Francisco, he believed his career was over. As he did physical therapy, he worked like an Olympic athlete. He spent hours tying and untying knots and buttoning clothes. But one day, Francisco was confronted by a patient with a broken nose. The patient needed to have surgery to fix his nose, and Bucio was the only available surgeon. A process which would’ve taken a normal surgeon ten minutes, took Bucio one hour. Francisco Bucio triumphed over his adversities in that hour, mending the broken nose back to new.

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Here we see the total destruction of an earthquake. Similar to what happened to Francisco Bucio in Rising From The Rubble.

Problem and Solution

"The Noble Experiment"

Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player who was discriminated all of his life. In 1945, Jackie was approached on the baseball field by Clyde Sukeforth. Clyde was there representing the Brooklyn Brown Dodgers, and he was at Comiskey Park in Chicago to give Robinson an offer. Sukeforth worked for Branch Rickey, the owner of the Dodgers. Rickey gave Jackie a chance to play in the national leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie knew he would face verbal abuse and even physical abuse from teammates and other players while on the team, but Jackie didn’t let that stop him. Robinson accepted the spot on the team, and ventured out into his first game knowing that he would be booed and taunted. Branch Rickey’s plan was to end racism by showing that African Americans could do the same as anyone else. Jackie was the embodiment of that belief. Robinson faced all kinds of abuse on the field, from spiking to being called names. Jackie Robinson had a strong resolve, and became one of the greatest baseball players in history.

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This is Jackie Robinson, baseball star of the Brooklyn Brown Dodgers. He persevered through abuse in all kinds of ways.


"Ashes of Roses"

Rose Nolan and her family are Irish immigrants to the United States. On the musty boat ride that took two weeks long, they were itching to see New York City. Their misfortune starts early, with Roses youngest sibling, her brother Joseph, has to go back home because he has trachoma. An eye disease that can be extremely infectious. Their father volunteers to take the boat ride back to Ireland with Joseph. With four women traversing the streets of New York alone, Roses family is bound to get robbed. Although, a police officer stops someone trying to steal from them. Rose and her family are lost, and they need to find their way to their family’s apartment. Asking people along the way, Rose finally finds Uncle Patrick's house, only to find that they are unwanted. Elsa, uncle Patrick's wife and her two daughters do not like the idea of 4 extra people living in their apartment, but uncle Patrick is fine with them staying. After a few weeks of dread, Rose and her family leave for the docks to return home. Rose has a strong conviction and begs her mother to let her stay in America. After her mother reluctantly agrees, Roses sister Maurine stays as well. Roses mother tells them to adhere to uncle Patrick's house, but of course, Rose and Maurine do not and try to find a face of their own. They faltered many times, but Rose and Maurine make a living in America, for now.

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This is the book cover for Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch.
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Above are the differences and similarities of NBC's news reporter Brian Williams and NFL candidate Josh Shaw
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Above is a brief timeline of the great Winston Churchill's life


All in all, people have always persevered, and always will. These key ideas can help people understand what perseverance is, and how to persevere. Moreover, perseverance is integrated into human nature. As famous literary figure, Samuel Johnson said, “Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.”