Partner w/ Women Inventorz Network

OpenSky and thousands of women innovatorz= success!

A few great options to partner with our network...

Josh, it was great reconnecting with you today. As mentioned we have several ways both our organizations could benefit by working together, I spoke with Melinda and here are a few things we would love to do together:

  • Video Email blast to our 2,500+ newsletter subscribers about the opportunity with Open Sky, sharing the process, the value and some testimonials from current clients (you could provide names and numbers for us to interview for the video) pushing out 2x a month, til our big event April 2014.... Value $5,500
  • Tweet and FB postings as well, 2x a month Value $4,500
  • Create our own store...this way we could monitor the women in the Network that are of value to your audience, and drive traffic specifically to the store, and not to just one product
  • Work out a pricing structure for us to benefit from this offering to our ladies, where we will push people to not only sign up but to buy, additional network of supporters <530,000uvpm
  • Can we add video to showcase the products? And is there a place to have sharing buttons for Pinterest and perhaps another "perks" program ie: perksville= more traffic and more sales
  • Insider program sounds ideal, gives us additional chance to find great products in your network to share on our platforms
  • Your offering to send out email blasts to your network about products in our network, 1-2x a month plus OpenSky Facebook posts with links to our store on OpenSky
  • Invite you or someone within your organization to be part of our VIP Buyers Lounge at our BIG EVENT April 25, 2014 in Chicago, with a donation to our non-profit arm