The Volcano Resorts

Welcome to the Volcano Resorts!

Here all your volcano dreams come true! There are three different types of resorts: shield, cinder cone, and composite. Each resort has its own unique design and activities. Below is a list of the resorts and their individual attributes.

Shield Volcano Resort and Spa

At the relaxing Shield Volcano Resort and Spa, there are many things to do. This chain of resorts has many soothing activities. This adults-only retreat has features such as the Lava Flow Spa, the Magma Pool, and the Lua Pele Hale 'aina, a 4-star restaurant located on resort grounds. At our spa, you can get relaxing treatments like the hot rock massage, and the Magma Pool is our adults only pool that can have temperatures reaching 1,165ºƒ. You can also try our famous lava flow cocktail at our 4-star restaurant. Or, if you're into something more historical, you could go on one of the Nehinei tours. You can learn things like how the hotel was built out of oozing layers of molten rock that were built up over time. It only costs $500 per night. One of our more famous shield volcanoes is Kīlauea volcano. It is the most exclusive resort located in Hawaii! Visit the Shield Volcano Resort and Spa today!

Cinder Cone Camping

Come to the Cinder Cone Camping site. It's exploding with fun! This chain of camping sites has many fun activities such as the Pumice Playground, the Lava Flow Hiking Trails, and the A'a Picnic Ground. The Pumice Playground is great for children and there are daycare instructors to take care of them while you go hiking on the Lava Flow Hiking Trails. Be careful, though, because these volcanoes are made up of layers of rock particles, ashes, and cinders and can erode easily. At the A'a Picnic Grounds, lunch is provided every day (with early notice) but you will have to bring your own breakfast and dinner. There are also lots of generic coffeehouses in the area (like Starbucks) in case the adults have trouble waking up in the morning. One of our most popular camping sites is Parícutin. It grew out of a corn field in Mexico in 1943 from a new vent. Go camping at your local Cinder Cone Camping site today!
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The Composite Escape!

Come to the Composite Escape with surprising adventures every day! This franchise has unexpected thrills at every turn. This fun 'escape' has awesome features such as the 500-ft-long zip line, helicopter rides over the volcano, and 'Ohana 'Aina Ahiahi, a family-friendly diner. The zip line is great for kids, but they must weigh over 70 pounds. In addition, the helicopter is a great family bonding time (while you keep waiting to fall to your death!). Rest assured, all activities run by the establishment are perfectly safe. The 'Ohana 'Aina Ahiahi is a wonderful family restaurant open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. Just like your stay here, composite volcanoes are completely unpredictable! They're made up of alternating layers of ash, cinders, and rock particles and flows of lava. One of our most exciting 'links in the chain' is Mt. Etna. It's located on the east coast of Sicily, Italy and last erupted in June 2014. Visit your local Composite Escape Resort today!
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