David Bissett

olympics 2014

who is david bissett ?

David BISSETT is the Canadian men bobsled teams brakeman.his team mates are Lyndon Rush,Lascelles Brown and Chris Le Bihan.They one 1 medal at the Olympics of 2010 in Vancouver and 1 medal at the World Champion Ships at St. Moriz


David bissett was born on September 26,1979 today David Bissett is 34 years old



David Bissett went to school at the University of Alberta in Edmonton
USA Win 4-Man Bobsleigh Gold - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics


David Bissett trains with his team day & night to be Olympic athlete in this years Olympics of 2014.One of Davids goals were to win a gold medal at the Olympics in Vancouver. so far he has 1 silver and bronze.
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