Good Leader

Angelina Jolie

Qualities of a good leader

Angelina Jolie is mainly known as a very good actress. People dont look and see what she does when she isn't acting. She has actually been in the UN's refugee forces since 2001. She was first a goodwill embassador and now she is special envoy.
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Impacts She Has on Others

She has had many impacts for others because most actress don't try to help poor. Especially in other countries she has been to 50. She has an impact on me because we share some qualities like we both like to help others.

Traits That Help her be a Good Leader

Angelina Jolie is a very good leader because she has confidence and she is brave which helps her a lot. I would want to follow her because she has done so much to help others and not only her self. They sometimes have to urge their actions of being a good leader so they take effect but thats only sometimes.

Qualities needed to be a Good Leader