Soft ball is considered a non high risk sport for elementary schools In Ontario,but there is alot of equipment. The back catcher has to wear a chest plate so if the back catcher misses it will not hurt his chest. The back catcher also has to wear a throat protector because if he/she didn't and the ball hit there neck/throat It would not cause any damage or injury's to there throat. The back Catcher has to wear a helmet because if the batter swings and let's go of the bat it won't cause injury to the batters head. The catcher also has to wear shin protector and a mask for the same reason.

Special clothing and foot wear

In elementary school baseball you have to wear cleats but there is one thing they can't be well what your probably thinking is "well what type of cleats do you wear" well you have to wear moulded cleats because if you wear medal cleats it could hurt other players. You can't wear jewelry in soft ball you can only wear jewelry if it Is speed bracelets or medical bracelets

Special rules and instructions

In elementary school soft ball all skills must be taught fairly to each student/player must each Be taught the same skills and proper progression. Each game is based on each player and student.
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